Sticks and Stones...  

rm_Drak4u 43M
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8/17/2006 9:19 am

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Sticks and Stones...

Whew, what a week. It's been awhile since I last posted cause I have been running my ass off, But here I am in New Orleans waiting on another dispatch, so I thought I would Kill some time and reminise some more.

As you know, if you have read my previous posts, I grew up way out in the country. I absolutely loved it, and will never be anything more than a country bumpkin. Anyways, I would like tell you another story about my childhood. Yes, there are some parts that I absolutly hate, but mostly I am very fond of it. Here goes...

Living out in the country as poor folk was not easy by any means of the imagination, but it is a life I wouldn't have traded for the world. I know you have probablly heard your fathers or grandfathers say,,,,when I was goin to school I had to walk 5 miles in the snow, uphill two ways. I'm not going to tell you the same thing......but close.

Even in kindergarden, I remember walkin to the bus stop, which was 2 and a half miles away. Laugh if you want, I know i do when iI look back on it, but it is the absolute truth. You see, the bus was too big and heavy to get down those narrow clay roads. Not to mention they tended to wash out when it rained. Even in the wintertime, me and my 2 brothers would have to fet up before any sain person would want to, just so we could eat breakfast before we headed out.

To be honest with you, there were times we would start out walking, and then sneak off into the woods and go back to sleep. We didnt go back to sleep all the time, sometimes we would go swimming, or even swimming and lounging around under the sun. We would wait till we thought it was about time for us to get home from school, then we would head back home. We didnt get caught for along time, explaining that we was late cause we did this or that on our way home. Then we would do our chores, and then head back out till dark.

There were a few time we got caught when we got a little older, cause as you know kids do, sometimes we would get hurt and have to try to hide the fact that we didnt go to school when mom asked us how we got hurt. There were a couple times that someone would see us on their way to or from town and then we would catch hell when we got home. I'm not sure if it was a conspiricy or what, but it seemed that anytime someone saw us, mom would find out.

Anyways, I guess this all seems a little like something you would see on the Andy Griffith show or something, but it's all true. Growing up we had to use our imagination to have fun, we didnt have all these computer games they do nowadays. We got our ass beat for the smallest things, but we were allowed to be kids. think back to when you were a kid, then look around at our children today. See any difference? I myself do. Tell me what you think about this thought...

Our youth
we had lots of fun own our own
we didn't have to have constant supervision
yea, we made mistakes, but we learned from them
we got our backsides tanned
we raised alot of hell, but we had morals overall, we were good kids

Todays youth
they have to have matirial things to have any fun
It has to be the newest stuff
If they're not supervised all the time....
they dont seem to learn from mistakes
they get groundings, or time outs, very rarely woopins
very few of todays kids have morals

See what I mean? Let me know

sexyariesgirl 59F

8/18/2006 7:30 pm

I love your stories! And I hear ya about OUR youth and TODAYS youth!

Power To FOK

rm_Drak4u 43M
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8/18/2006 8:35 pm

Thank you for the compliment hun, but they are just things that have happened in my life. I do have a couple novels that I have wrote that I am thinking about getting an editor for, cause lord knows my grammer and spelling aint that great. But so far, they have been for my eyes only.

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