Childhood memories  

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8/2/2006 10:35 am

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Childhood memories

Some of ya'll may not beleave alot of the stuff i write about, but i assure you, every word is true. Gramps always told me,"Son, If your gonna open your mouth, make damd sure it's tha truth that's comin out. The only thing they cant take away from ya is your honesty." Now
I aint always followed that particular philosophy, and you'll find out why if you keep readin (and awake). Now just sit back, have a laugh, cry, or whatever emotion hits ya. Lord knows I've had my share of 'em.

I don't really remember anything about my mother, but I've been told stories about her. I didn't believe 'em all till I finally met her when I was 16, but I'll tell the story about that little meeting later. I'll start off with my childhood as told to me by both sides of my family.....Here it is.

I was born in Houston Texas on Febuary 22 1975, to my 16yr old dad, and i'm not real sure exactlly how old my mother was but I know she wasn't very much older than my dad. In order to try to suport his new family, my dad got a job driving a truck. Back then there was't all the restrictions on drivers that there is now. He was gone for about two or three weeks at a time. He told me that he was faithful to my mother, but she wasn't to him.

Unknown to my dad, my mother worked as a prostitute while he was gone. Dad came home unanounced on her birthday and was horrified at the site he saw. Sprawled on the bed was my mother, with her was four mexicans taken turns.
This thought may turn some people on, but guess what else he found, as if that wasn't enough to make a man lose his sanity. ME, wailing like a banshee, at the side of the bed in my walker.

He stood there for a second, then calmly walked in, picked me up and left. I do somewhat remember (way back in the recesses of my mind) him putting me in his pickup and grabing a pipe. He said it was a fence post he had in the back, but imnot sure. He went back in as they were leavin', and damd near killed three of them but the fourth one got away from him. Wierd thing is, I would have blamed her, but her just looked at her, spat on the ground and left.

My mother tried to get him on kidnapping charges, but she couldn't. Dad took me to her parents house, and told them what happened. Grandma T then admitted that she knew my mother had done some prostituting before she met my Dad. They kept me while my Dad spent a little time in jail. When he got to court, all charges were dismissed. He divorced my mother, and got custody of me. That was the last time I saw my mother for almost 15 years, he didn't hide or keep me from her...she just never made an effort to see me, even when I was at her parents house and they lived less than 10 miles from her.

This story was confermed by several people.

sexyariesgirl 58F

8/5/2006 2:26 pm

Oh sweetie....I'm so sorry that you were subjected to such things at such an early age. I have never understood how a Mom could do something like that to her child. But kudos to your Dad for stepping up and taking charge! My heart goes out to you.....

Power To FOK

rm_Drak4u 43M
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8/5/2006 5:36 pm

Thank you, but honestly it dosn't bother me at all, or ever did cause I dont remember it. And as for my Dad, I agree with you 100 percent. thnk for reading.

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