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7/8/2006 6:45 pm

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9/8/2007 2:20 pm

Blog the goes nothing...

Never been one to write up a blog and leave it out there for other people to read and post replies too...kinda weird experience all in all.

Anyway, since as far as I can tell there is no way for a standard member to see another standard member's profile (and why call it the standard when it is way below standard as far as I am concerned) I figured an open blog is by far the way to go on this site. That being the case, first things first...I can be reached at can_I_push_ur_buttons at that hawt place. Feel free since I will likely never bother with any of the pay services on this site.

Anyway, today I am enjoying the cool air here in Saskatoon. After our little set of god-awful hot days it is nice to be able to relax and keep my windows open throughout the day...just got TV and internet back since I had them disconnected for the last couple of months...during the summer I am not normally home that much and why pay for something you aren't gonna use. Then I hurt my leg and most of my summer activities are on hold until it heals...nothing serious just one mother of a leg cramp that keeps me from doing anything other than walking right now...but that cuts out tennis, kickboxing, basketball and softball. sighs Enough with the self-pity, I'm back online and I might as well look for some company, nothing serious (other than physically or commited...just some summer fun.

sexyariesgirl 59F

7/8/2006 7:59 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

Power To FOK

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/8/2006 10:16 pm

Welcome to the blogs! Hope you'll stop by mine and say hello sometime!

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