11 things about me and counting  

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9/28/2005 10:17 am

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7/30/2008 10:43 am

11 things about me and counting

I stole this idea from another blog. Here are 11 weird things most people don't know about me. I'll add more as I think of them.

1. I don't like onions on my burger but, I like onion rings on the side.

2. I have never read the books nor seen the Harry Potter movies.

3. I have a fascination with True Crime. I have read dozens of books. But, I am not obsessed enough to actually want to meet a serial killer.

4. I have never downloaded any music on my computer.

5. I once saw former Arizona Governor Rose Mofford while she was only wearing a night shirt. It wasn't a very long one either. Yikes!!!!

6. My handle on AdultFriendFinder used to be DoloresHaze2005 but, it was deleted by AdultFriendFinder. Probably because that is the name of the girl in the story "Lolita." Probably not the wisest choice for a name on this site.

7. Parking garages always confuse me. What level is this? Which way to the exit?

8. The Christmas season always makes me crave Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's.

9. In my car, I have hit two dogs, a cat, and a chicken, and a couple of pigeons. At separate times.

10. Just about every Friday night, I take my grandmother to play bingo.

11. I'm not allowed to actually play bingo because I'm too lucky plus I can play 20 cards at once.

rm_yukonpaul 52M
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4/12/2006 12:31 pm

I used to hate onions, period. Now i don't mind them. I LOVE carlsjr's western bacon cheeseburger, it has onion rings as well!


4/15/2006 1:29 pm

Saw ur top" what about me list".found it nice. ONION is good. I cook with onion. I LOVE the Onion Bloosm @ Chili's. NOW i just wanna say Hi and want 2 get 2 know u for a good chat( If u know what i mean).

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7/27/2007 9:37 pm

Oh Dolores, I wish you still blogged. You have a wonderful sense of humor - I read your ruminations (no, I'm definitely NOT implying that there is ANYTHING bovine about you WHATSOEVER) again every few months or so, and they always make me laugh again. THANK YOU for that. It's a small thing, perhaps, but it can make my day. Please come back . . .

rm_JcAZ180 40M

11/6/2008 4:02 pm

9. I ran in to a bull driving to the salt river. Have ran over chip munks, snakes, squirells, pigeons, rabbits. Luckly never someones fluffy or fido.

10. Friday night midnight bingo with Grandma at fort mcdowell is the best!

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