A Post For The Saint  

rm_DocSpender 63M/45F
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7/4/2006 8:49 pm
A Post For The Saint

I don't write a lot... not much to say... but I wrote to a friend on the IM and posted it here for Saint Lianna because she's the best and has my undying love and respect. To answer your question... As a matter of fact I AM drunk again.

cmlspender: Hey, hunny... my head is asplodin'. I don't know why. I think my mental yacht is sailin' right up next to Port Big Ol' Breakdown.
cmlspender: I could tell you stuff but me n' Judas Iscariot we never got along and i don't aim 't emulate his behavior. I am my own savior.
cmlspender: Love is love and it endures but stresses will wear and tear on the here's and there's and suck the soul from the furthest recesses.
cmlspender: The man with Mirrored Eyes stares me down in dreams he ain't what he seems, he's me but fearless in his way and brandishes a scimitar.
cmlspender: The prison allegory worked for cash but i'm allergic to that scene, bars give me a rash and the smell of roadside trash is childhood revisited.
cmlspender: I stare at circumstance and glance askew at what is true and what's imagined and the dreams that drill the senses while I'm sleeping and defenseless.

cmlspender: While it's true I have no clue and no recourse but truth and the knowledge that it leaves me splayed and naked...

cmlspender: i trust in my guts that whoever is in charge knows me as an honest man and that alone leaves me standing.

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