The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part VI  

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part VI

"Check the hood. Most women prefer to have their clitorises licked through the "clitoral hood." This is a fold of skin that that covers the actual glands of the clitoris, which is extremely sensitive."

Germanicus began kissing and licking the young maiden's clitoris in accordance with his mentor's instruction. The young maiden gasped and moaned while small jolts of lightning emanated from her vagina and throughout her body. She ran her hands back and forth through the thick locks of Germanicus's hair and pressed his face hard against her undulating hips as her sucked and licked her swelling vulva and labia. Diana quietly inclined toward her pupil's ear to give him further instruction.

"In general, a woman tends to prefer firm pressure and repetitive motions. Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris can be irritating. Take her clitoris in your mouth and gently suck on it. Use your mouth to suck on or nibble her labia. If you are unsure, ask her to tell you what she enjoys while you attempt a variety of strokes ‒ circular…side-by-side…and up-and-down. Do not fret if she flinches ‒ discovering what pleases your mate is a process of trial and error ‒ if you fail at one method then try another."

Germanicus continued to suck and lick the young maiden as she ground her pelvis hard against his face. Diana observed how the rhythm between her young charges and how their movements were becoming more synchronized with time. Germanicus's face was wet with the essence of the young woman's sex as a thick musky sensuality began to fill the air.

"When she is excited and her vagina is quite wet with her excitement, gently insert a finger or two into her vagina. Move them in and out using short but firm strokes. Put your mouth back on her clitoris and lick her while your fingers continue their penetration. Whatever you do, do not stop! A woman enjoys steady stimulation, so do not stop unless you need to come up for air. You will see and feel the signs when she is getting ready to have an orgasm and experience the moment of most intense sexual pleasure ‒ her moans…her thighs pressing against your head, her body arching, her hands tightening on your head. When the orgasm washes over a woman, she will inform you when she is ready for you to stop and move on to other activity..."

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