Too many bad apples spoiled it for everyone  

rm_Desirousone6 55F
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4/14/2006 5:59 am

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4/18/2006 4:06 am

Too many bad apples spoiled it for everyone

Last night and this morning I received a few more “nasty-grams” in my inbox. I am at a loss for words…

I took the time and used my few of my daily email privileges to write them back. I’m sorry I didn’t find their 300 pound body attractive or their toothless smile attractive. I’m sorry I am seeking more then a quick fuck at motel 8.

I guess the saying goes, “Three strikes and you are out”

I’m no longer going to write to those who I am not interested in. I don’t like doing this, I know how important closer is but a few bad apples did spoil it for everyone.

I think I will link to this post in my profile so those who do write will see and understand why they didn’t get a reply if they write me.

I just do not understand some of these men. I know some would fuck a hole in the wall if it was there. Would you not feel like I wasted your time if we met and I went into the meeting not interested? I know I would feel like I was putting my life in danger if I met some of these guys. A thought I do not care to think about.


4/14/2006 11:46 am

I am sorry you had that experience, some men are not able to handle rejection well it is probably something deep like their mother not being nice to them or perhaps just a total lack of self confidence caused by an inordinately small penis... not sure but good luck in the future. I am sure you will find the right person I know he is out there...

Alphamale1492 60M

4/14/2006 9:51 pm

I guess if you're a woman on this site, you need to be careful. I think this site can be frustrating for men, since the women get so many messages and men get lost in the shuffle. No excuse for being rude or nasty, however. I have only met one woman from this site and it was not a good experience; she claimed to athletic and sexy, but she was about 250 lbs. Major false advertising. Nice lady, but not attractive to me. Hope there is mutual attraction with the next person I meet.

thesubliminator 57M
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5/22/2006 10:05 pm

So far this site has been a disapointment for me as well. However rudness is simply ungallent and unsouthern.

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