Entry Two  

rm_DesireVie 60T
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8/17/2006 5:30 am
Entry Two

Last night, Aug 16, was another bike ride. I began hormones in 2000. Up until 2004 I only took various estrogens. I met an endo that knew his business when it comes to us transgendered who added spiro. It made an amazing difference to my physical development. What it also has done over the last two years, is it had lessened my upper body strength. It has also thinned my skin, making bruises and cuts common. Even though I have extensive background experience with computing, the only meaningful jobs I've been able to get have been in warehousing. So my age and determination, work ethic have gotten me something, but not what I would like. So i get worked beyond my limits, and I get covered in bruises. So I get home, eat and I am ready to go to bed, sometimes as early as 5PM. I also think breasts are beautiful when they are the prominent part of my front, not my stomach, so I go on long bike rides. Sometimes 20-30 miles when weather permits. Last night I did just a tour of the area in the sun and got eaten alive by some insects. Oh well.

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