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2/10/2006 7:55 pm

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So I haven't written in a know all the messages reminding me of that fact...well they don't exactly encourage me to run over to my blog and write...but maybe I should be doing more... where do I begin. Let's see whats the title of this blog...oh yes....and so the encounters lets see how mine have gone.

Well if I were grading this site, I would have to give it a C-.

Not exactly the best but not the worst either. I mean I do get the emails and for the most part I do try to reply to all of them, but I must admit that there are some that slip through...sorry about that.

But as for meeting people. I believe after months of membership that most on this site are really into the whole "cyber" life style. Not that it is nessisarily bad (yes i know i spelled that wrong but I mean come on. Why is it that I am the one having to make all the moves, decisions or whatever. I mean are there that many men out there that just can't make up their mind.

Well let me let ya'll in on a least for me...NOTHING IS A BIGGER TURN OFF THAN A MAN THAT IS INDESICIVE, UNEDUCATED, OR A PUSH OVER. Again I am speaking for me....I am not trying to come across as the worlds biggest bitch...but please....if you want to meat up then get your shit together and lets make it happen...if not...quit wasting my time!!!

I mean seriously....lately i have had more action from people i have met via work...then off of here....and sadly i am spending more time emailing back and forth, picture swapping...and well all it seems to get me is ummm a headache from staring at this darn computer....

okay enough of the all done.

As i said my "dryspell" has ended...which is both good and bad. Great that I didn't have to take care of myself...whew thanks...I think I now own stock with duracell!!! LOL...sadly though it wasn't the experience I wanted....Well I take that back, I did WANT it...I just wanted it know time wise! I mean I am all for the quickies, during lunch or whenever...but ummmm....not when that is the norm.

However I have improved upon my faking of the "O" yes i have succumbed to faking it...not that it would really matter since everything seems to go so quickly? You would of thought I was with someone that just learned??? And here I was thinking that with age, comes experience which leads to learning your own methods of control!!! Who would of thought...I was that far off??? Ah...well..more to come later....

By no means was it all bad, the foreplay was FANTASTIC....just wish the "encounter" was just as satisfying....

Okay enough of me being not nice...time to go!

JayDoggSF 51M
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3/10/2006 12:46 am

Wow. Finally, a woman who knows how to encourage a response from me.

Giving Pleasure to you would be my...I suggest we exchange some conversation.

til then

J -

thirdI 53M

12/9/2010 2:38 am

you will experience your first uncontrollable heart-on....soooonow

~particular matter 2.5~

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