Today is (was) a day of thankfulness  

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11/25/2005 2:02 am

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Today is (was) a day of thankfulness

So here are some things i'm thankful for.

1 - Laws - without them, there would be mayhem

2 - Police - to enforce those laws, even on thanksgiving

3 - Women - they tend to even out and calm down the men when their angry over somone speeding.

4 - pain killers - they too tend to calm us down when we've run somone off the road

5 - mastery of the human language - i love knowing how to form arguments and rebuttles when the time comes for them.

6 - That year in College - yup, eating lunch in a room full of cops DID help out, but i'm not sure it was worth 12K.


so here's why i'm especially thankful for those first 6 items. I keep telling people about the school zone i drive home though every night, 20mph, AT ALL TIMES. My interpretation, and the officers i met tonight, is that at all times, includes just after midnight on thanksgiving (well, technically the morning after, but only by 20 minutes). Now during tonights trip, somone decided that they wanted to go 60 through this school zone. I understand that it's thanksgiving, and school is out for the weekend, but all times includes thanksgiving. So this driver wanted to go 60, and decided to drive into the center lane, and being in-front of them, i followed suit. I know, breaking a law to prevent somone from passing me when i'm going the speed limit isn't excatally right, but i didn't care.

Now, what i don't normally understand is why police don't ticket more in this area, there are ALWAYS speeders. Not tonight my friends, that ass clown got a ticket not for only speeding, but for reckless endangerment, and i got a strong warning. The guy got pulled over for speeding 30 seconds after i pulled into the turn lane. I decided i should chime in and screw the guy for buzzing me as he passed.

I got off with a warning, but his fine was doubled.

i still want the bumper sticker "i reserve the right to go the speed limit"

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