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10/31/2005 11:46 pm

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When i was young, this was close to the best day of the year, running from house to house to get candy that would make me sick enough to miss school the next day. Today was an ok day, no parties, no treats, no tricks, 7 hours of work. Oh how the times change.

The store next door was robbed last night by a kid in a haloween costume, so we had a posted sign that read "no masks allowed into the store, please take them off before you enter". out of the 250 people i helped today, NONE of them failed to ask about why the sign was posted. Aparently they don't realize taht we carry $150 in each till, sometimes more. Multiply that by 3 tills, and you can walk away with a bunch of free money, DvD's and then some. Blockbuster as with many other big companies enforce a non-resistance policy. I'm not allowed to block their way, refuse a hold-up or even call the cops until the robber has been out of the store for 5 minutes.

Some places, like Banks don't even require you to have weapons, you just have to write a note and tell them you have a weapon. Free money is out there, all you have to do is break the law, and do it with a little brains, and you'll never get caught.

Ohh how i dislike my brain.

here's a picture of my parent's front entry tonight... that poster has been used since i was 4...17 years and it's never been replaced, that's my dad as the skeleton...again, same costume for 17 years (kinda smells since he never washes the paint out of it)

missy973 48F

11/1/2005 7:55 am

My mom still had decor from the late seventies! I was there and said, "Mom....that's over 20 years old!" She did the math and said "I guess it is." If you never throw anything out...

PS - It's not free money. You have to do a bit of jail time for it. Personally, I'd rather earn it and still be able to walk the streets. But that's just me.

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