The best part of waking up.....  

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6/13/2006 3:17 pm

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The best part of waking up.....

MMMMM To wake up to you, laying there beneath the silky white sheets. I can see the silhouette of your luscious body beneath, see each curve, watching this gorgeous specimen of a woman, as the sheet moves up and down with your breathing. I see the form of your breasts as my eyes follow down to the mound in the center of your body, so delectable, that my mouth begins to water at the thought of tasting your delicious juices.

Slowly, quietly I move to the end of the bed, raising the covers slightly as I slowly begin to crawl under the sheet, gently parting your legs with my warm soft fingertips, licking my lips as I approach the gorgeous lips set before my eyes. I hear your shallow breathing continue while you sleep.

My fingers gently trace the outside of those sweet lips and then the inside your arousal beginning to show as the lips slightly swell. Moving closer to you, my tongue moves from the very bottom of the slit upwards in a painfully slow caress. The warmth of my breathe, the wetness and velvety feel of my tongue upon the long wet slit, moving upward like stroking a lollipop. Along to the clit as my tongue circles around the hardening little bud, but not touching the very tip just yet! Licking each soft and now wet inch of you, tasting each pore of your delicious wet pussy, my other hand pulling the lips apart gently but firmly caressing them. My fingertips move lower slowly teasing you as it moves from your sweet hot entrance to your butt and back again, teasing your perineum, as my warm breath brushes against your now very swollen lips.

Feeling your stir beneath my grasp, I hear a moan of pleasure come from your lips, feeling your hands move to my hair, so that your fingers begin to play within it. Your hips push upward, wanting me to pull that clit between my lips...

Looking up to you seeing you raise the covers as you watch me dine upon your beautiful body, smiling I look at you.....licking my lips I wink at you and blow slightly against the tip of your throbbing clit, my tongue slowly parts my lips as you feel its wetness moving closer to the tip pressing my tongue against the small hard bud. I open my lips and enclose them around the clit. Slowly I begin to suck on it. My tongue circling the pleasure nub within the heat of my wet, warm mouth, swirling and sucking slowly. I begin to suck you deeper in my mouth pulling your lips in with the clit... as my hand continues to caress you. My fingers tease and play in the wetness that now oozes from you. You feel the heat of my mouth move down on you, sucking and stroking licking and pulling. My velvety tongue swirling around your thick pussy sucking and licking you into my mouth.

Moving my head side to side, sucking you deep, then shifting so my tongue flicks rapidly across your clit. I feel your hips push into my mouth, the moans of pleasure escape your lips. Feeling your intensity building, as my mouth moves up and down over and around. Then using my fingers to spread you wide I stab my tongue into you, lick up to the clit, back down and into you again. Sending chills through you as I play with your sweet wet pussy. Feeling you wanting to release all your delicious juices for me, my mouth moves up to your clit and alternates between sucking and flicking my tongue rapidly back and forth, tasting your delicious nectar, as you begin to release all you have. Feeling the hot cummmm spraying out over my tongue, lips, face and chest, yessss cummm for me baby! Licking up what is fallen on my tongue.

Sliding a finger in and pressing against your g-spot as the sprays become more intense, feeling your delicious juices all over me as my mouth falls upon your glorious wetness and I suck you deep in my warm wet mouth. My tongue stroking every inch of you getting every drop of you, as I feel you push one hard thrust, releasing all you have to me, drinking up all you have to offer!

Smiling at you as I lick my fingers of your delicious nectar …. mmmmm, baby what a great breakfast!

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