Back from vacation: Hattiesburg, MS  

rm_DeepRimmer81 37M
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7/16/2006 10:13 am
Back from vacation: Hattiesburg, MS

Howdy studs! I just got back from visiting my friends and fam in good ole Mississippi. That is a freakin sexually repressed state and I should know. First off back in my home town everybody knows I'm a gay cum whore ( I was in a freakin band that sung songs geared to fellow queers, we were pop in college scene), and if they don't know if they are hot enough I'll find ways of trying to persuade studs to force feed me cock;
but anyway I digress.
I was eating with some friends out at the olive garden in Slidell, LA (not Lower Alabama either)and we had this stud of a waiter; a freakin big black buck..I shit you not dudes. So I processed to flirt my ass off..hell my logic was 'It's the fuckin Olive Garden..gays love the OG so he has to work with gay dudes even if he wasn't and every str8 guy wonders what it would be like'
I also had on my trademark fag rings so i could advertise. We got to talking and turns out he dated one of my friend's ex...well now that i knew he was gay (and I knew the type of guys my friend's ex likes) I asked the waiter if he wanted to fuck my brains fantasy of doing it in the restroom in OG. After a little persuasion he got scared and just let me blow him off in the restroom. My cock was raging at doing the deed. It was great!
We started fucking off and on for the rest of my trip down to LA. I had to have a lot of sex while I was home cause I get deployed soon and that is gonna freakin suck for my sex life. The pic on here is of the waiter who fuck my brains out during my trip.

juswannafuck699 42M
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9/24/2011 4:07 am

wow baby if ur ever in ashville nc holla at me cause i want every inch of that big beautifull black cock first down my throat then deep in my ass & i want it hard i mean jus fuck my brains out\8b

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