God DAMN that last post was a bit weird!  

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7/14/2006 2:28 am
God DAMN that last post was a bit weird!

Wow! that pain medication must have been strong!
But, I am back to fighting fit again (ish) .
A massive hi to all y'all in blogs ville. Its bin a while since I last popped in here, but I gotta say the chat rooms are my fave (tho the ppl in em aren't always that nice). At least in here we all seem to offer mutual respect and support, which is cool.
My life is changing by the way. My career is off the ground once again (I have interviews for higher positions too), I am getting a little bigger (working out and stuff), my marriage seems to be a little more steady (tho there still seems to be something missing). Things are just ticking over nicely just now actually.

anyways, b4 I lose myself in bollocks... (what a change that would be....lol)

Bin downloading some awesome tracks lately for my mp3 player. Mainly been stuff like the Kinks, the Animals, The Rollinhg Stones, Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots. In the main, CLASSICS. I even got hold of some Hendrix (though I aint sure why, I only like two or three of his songs anyway).
Any suggestions would be welcome too. I LOVE to Rock, and am also a big fan of classics (already got AC DC before you ask). Am well into grunge scene from the 90's (got Nirvana, got Stone temple pilots, got pearl jam, got alice in chains). like most stuff, so suggest away folks! lol.

Deano the rock monster

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