Oral Pleasure  

rm_DawnAngel12 40F
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7/22/2005 10:03 pm

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8/8/2006 9:52 pm

Oral Pleasure

I was wondering if any other women have been with a man who loves to receive oral but would not give it? I am 27 yrs old and have never received oral sex. Not only because the man I have just seperated from of 8 yrs wouldnt give it but also because I am uncomfortable to receive it. Can you give me any pointers to help me be confident about being ate out?

crankyourwagon 47M

7/22/2005 11:54 pm

Close your eyes, lean back, Spread your legs, Take your left hand and slowly lick your fingers getting them nice and wet. Now slowly massage your pussy touching wherever it feels pleasurable.
If you can do this you can survive oral pleasure. The key is don't think. Thinking screws up most sexual experiences. If you just went in there and did it like animals in heat that is the best way. By the way If you relax enough you can probably start cumming even before penetration. Thats when the sex gets really good. Nuthin like fuckin a hot, wet, pussy that is squirting cum all over the place vs. A dry never licked vagina that hurts when its fucked from the lack of lubrication. On this site their are all these women who claim they need 10inches to get them off. They just don't know how to relax and let their pussies swell up with wetness and excitement. They would just have themselves torn because they think that is pleasure.
Maybe this is what your lookin for maybe not but what you need to do is shove your pussy in the guys face and just say you better eat my pussy like you'll never eat pussy ever again. You gotta tell him where it feels good, be vocal, get excited don't be afraid to show him how to take care of you.

rm_xrickjonesx 38M

7/23/2005 1:55 am

i guess i could say be firm and know you want it or at least to try it with the right person everything is enjoyable and you and them will understand that together

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7/23/2005 2:31 am

yes ,you want suck me

LadyFantasy68 50F
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7/23/2005 6:19 pm

Ok this will be a fairly long answer as there are a number of issues raised by your question plus I will throw my opinion in as well on some things. Great question by the way and some bad answers by men so far.

Firstly you have raised two main issues.
A. Is that your ex would not give oral to you even though you gave it to him and
B. That you for whatever reason did not feel comfortable with the idea.

Now part A could have been for a number of reasons. He could have just been incredibly selfish and only thinking of his own pleasure. He could have tried once and when you felt uncomfortable felt rejected and not bothered trying again.

He could have (considering how young you were when you were together first) been very inexperienced and not known how and that combined with how you seemed to feel about it may have stopped him. Many young men are really only concerned with their pleasure and only with maturity do they come to see that pleasuring their partners do they get even greater satisfaction.

If the last is the case then picking a man a few years (not too many) older than you for your next lover could be good for you. He is far more likely to have the patience, sensitivity, knowledge and skills to get you to where you want in this.

As for you feeling uncomfortable, this too can come from many sources. Going by your age and the age you would have been when you first were with your ex, I am guessing that you were pretty inexperienced to start off with and may have also felt pretty inhibited about your body. You may feel far less so now and you will discover as you get older and particularly as you get to your 30’s that you become far freer to explore your sexuality.

Then there is the whole mentality of “good girls don’t…”. They don’t touch themselves there, they don’t behave in sexual ways except when their partner wants sex etc. Well good girls DO. They can and DO enjoy sex. They can and DO touch themselves and explore their bodies. They can and DO enjoy things like doggy, 69ing, oral, anal etc etc. They can and DO enjoy a wider variety of sexual positions and experiences than just missionary and giving the partner a blow job.

Next is the cleanliness issue. We are taught from a young age that down there is not clean (witness the proliferation of feminine washes/powders etc on the market). While I agree on the need to be clean, it is not really necessary to use those products. If for some reason it is smelly and there is lots of discharge then get it checked by a doctor to make sure that there is no medical reason for this.

Your diet will play a part in what you smell and taste like also. People who eat a lot of some strongly flavoured foods such as garlic DO smell and taste different to those who do not. Same with smokers. Eating a lot of sugary foods can also affect the balance of things and cause thrush as can antibiotics (which is not pleasant for either of the partners), especially for people with diabetes or other medical conditions. So take that into consideration.

You may be worried about the taste of yourself and that if you are straight (cannot see your profile to know) and could not imagine wanting to taste pussy juices, then why would some guy want to either. Well take it from me that even if YOU (like me) have no desire to taste anyone else’s that most men (excluding your ex) love it.

I would recommend that you at least taste your own by either doing so when touching yourself or by kissing a partner after he has been licking you. You will discover it is not nearly so bad as you might imagine and personally, although I would never want to taste any one else’s, I have no problem with tasting my own especially on a lovers lips.

You may also worry about it being near your butt hole etc because we are taught that that is dirty and around it is dirty. The way around that is to shower beforehand and make sure you are scrupulously clean. You may at some stage discover that you also like to be licked and touched there also but I would not recommend it at least until you are far more comfortable with having “traditional” oral sex.

Lastly you may be inhibited because it is out of your realm of experience and like all new experiences it can be frightening. I promise you that with the right lover it can be wonderful and that if you allow yourself to go with it that the new experience will quickly become one that you will want repeated over and over.

Only you know which of the above reasons would be valid in part or whole. So my advice to you would be this. Work out what your reasons were/are that you did not try this before and then if something needs to change about it (like a medical condition) then do it.

Find a lover you can trust and speak to them about the issue beforehand (not during) and tell them that you would like to try it but are unsure. Learn what pleases you also as you can pass that on to him and he can do it for you.

If you have not already done so then explore your own body (and this is the ONLY piece of advice I agree with from crankyourwagon but I will get to that as well as telling your lover what you like). Learn to be comfortable with touching yourself and the feelings, smells and tastes of your own arousal. Learn what excites you and will bring you to orgasm.

Ask your lover how he prefers pussy. Some like it natural and others prefer trimmed or shaved. It really is worth finding it out because the guy who likes less hair is not going to spend ages down there if he has the hair to contend with. Shaving it off can be well worth the bother too for your sake as it makes the skin hypersensitive and can really add pleasure to it all.

Next, before anything starts make sure you empty your bowels and bladder so you will not worry about that and have a shower.

When you are with your lover let him explore your body all over. (Guys please note here that there are SO many more places to kiss and touch than just lips, breast and pussy). Let your lover massage you if you want to relax and arouse you or let him kiss you all the way down your body taking interesting detours along the way.

By the time he gets down there to do oral you should already be aroused even if not fully. You will find if he uses his hands as well that the results can be amazing. If he slides a finger or two into your pussy when it is very wet and strokes the front wall with his fingertips (on the G spot) while he is licking the clit and around it you can have the most incredible orgasms.

It may feel like you are about to pee (don’t worry you won’t) when he is doing this which is why I said to empty your bladder beforehand. If you persist though and allow your body to release then you will find it to be the greatest sensation.

A word to men here. You are not polishing Aladdin’s lamp here with either tongue or fingers so please do not act as if you are. Soft and gentle is the way to go and make sure you trim those nails as well as getting scratched during sex on such delicate flesh can really kill the mood. The other thing is, I know it is called EATING pussy, but biting unless it is the softest scrape of teeth is not pleasant usually and be a real mood killer as well.

My last piece of advice (and I know I will probably get slammed over it and am talking primarily about the ones who go behind their partners back here) would be to choose a single guy over a married one. Not just because someone can get hurt but because judging from the married men I have spoken to or the ones who have separated or divorced because of an affair they have had, that they do not have a clue as to what they are doing.

Not only do they fail to recognize their wives emotional needs much of the time or see that when she is exhausted that the best thing they could do to get sex is to help out a little and not place all the burden of running the home or chore on the wife, but if they were good at arousing their partner and giving her satisfaction they would not need to find someone else.

In other words, if they were taking care of business at home and keeping the partner happy they would not be on here. If they cannot get a wife (that they care about) off then what makes them think they can do it for you. A GOOD partner will make you WANT to try more and explore your sexuality within your own personal boundaries. I have had both good and bad and it was the one who was good that kept me coming back for more and stretching my experiences because the sex was fantastic.

This is where I disagree with crankyourwagon’s answer and feel that he so typifies the married man on here who has not a clue about women’s physiology.

First he has stated that “By the way If you relax enough you can probably start cumming even before penetration”. Well the fact is that many women NEVER cum from penetration alone and actually require clitoral stimulation to do so whether from fingers, tongue, cock, vibrator or other toys. This is the NORM for women to need that extra stimulation and very few (statistically) ever come from penetration alone.

Then he states “Nuthin like fuckin a hot, wet, pussy that is squirting cum all over the place vs. A dry never licked vagina that hurts when its fucked from the lack of lubrication.” Yes a vagina SHOULD be well lubricated before penetration. But, it does not need to be licked to become wet (although it certainly is a fun way to get it that way). The vagina actually self lubricates during arousal as well as the pussy lips swelling with blood flow to the area in much the same way a guy’s cock hardens during the same arousal process. It just takes longer on average for women to get to that point than men is all.

Lastly he states “On this site their are all these women who claim they need 10inches to get them off. They just don't know how to relax and let their pussies swell up with wetness and excitement. They would just have themselves torn because they think that is pleasure.” That is just pure personal preference in much the same way that big or small breasts are or thin or bigger people are a preference.

As stated before, AROUSAL (from whatever source) swells and lubricates a woman’s pussy and it can take that 10 incher if she is aroused enough without it having to hurt. So it is not all about pain for those women. Myself personally, I have never seen one up close and personal quite that large but I can understand that some women may have that point of view and they are entitled to it and should it be part of the overall package of any man I was seeing and contemplating sex with then would be just part of the overall but not the whole.

Ok that is just my opinion and I hope it clears things up a little for you. Relax. Enjoy. Have fun. Hope for your sake that you get the chance to enjoy it soon because it really is great.

LadyFantasy68 50F
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7/24/2005 4:16 pm

No problems DawnAngel. I hope it helps and that you get to enjoy it soon.

cltlkr53 86M

7/31/2005 11:55 am

Hey Dawn Angel, I would love to give you oral I know I could Teach you how to love it.As far as being a BBW You are great.I,m looking at your BEAUTIFUL face Who could not love you for yourself.I wish I could

cltlkr53 86M

8/1/2005 10:54 am

HI DawnAngel,I can't get you out of my mind,You are so beautiful I can't understand A man who would not PLEASURE YOU any way you needed or wanted.I wish I could e-mail or talk to you.

BlackSailorMan 52M
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8/2/2005 11:58 pm

Good Luck and Best Wishes! I have no problem going down on a woman who is clean. Personally, I prefer to have the female cum before me. Maybe I'm weird or something but I'm confident that I will be able to get off with no problems. My goal is to take care of her first. Let us know who the lucky guy who has the opportunity and honor of "first lick!"

rm_NoTeezIn 47M
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8/24/2005 11:16 am

Dawn, well good luck out there. Sorry to hear that. I'm in the same boat. My wife thinks it is grose to have me go down on her. I do miss it bad and oh how I love to do it. But take your time and go at your own pace. But once you have it done right you will love it.
Good Luck

rm_Petsub53 70M
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7/21/2006 3:59 am

My previous wife loved oral and I love giving it, but unfortunately my current wife does not. This is possibly because she is 73 and was born at a time when this sort of thing was not talked about. I try and occasionally she will let me lick her for a short while, but only seems to want penetration.

From all the articles around it would seem that most modern women not only love to be licked or eaten, but demand it. I hope you find someone who will teach you the pleasures. I would love to offer myself, but we are not even in the same country.

passionatechik5 43M/41F
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8/11/2006 8:03 pm

In the recent years, men loves to preform oral on women. Women actually release pheromones there, a sexual attractant chemical that turns men on. Most women seems to be uncomfortable, but a healthy woman's odor is actually pleasant! We have our own cleaning process that eiminates semen, and other stuff...Just make sure you are clean and let yourself go!! I know there are certain products out there that keeps you staying and smelling fresh but I think it's a shame to cover it up! Don't try anything like douches or heavy chemicals. They can actually cause your coochie ph balance to be off and then, yeast infection. That will be a bit "fishy" then...hee hee...

rm_moaningroan 48F
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11/25/2007 9:24 pm


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