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9/11/2006 7:49 am

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~*Ghost Rider*~

Its a hard day today.....

Most of ya will remember 9-11 and what happen 5 years ago......and SO WILL I!

But Sept 11 1997......I lost a VERY dear family member.

Taken from us, with one hit of a bullet in TN

I remember the call that evening, they were asking about his tattoos. We had to describe them to the people in TN and thats when they told us....We think we have your cousin here in TN

The evening turned cold and our hearts were crushed.........

BUT really it wasnt a surprised......

For I had said months earlier...That it would take a bullet to stop him and bring him back HOME.......

I was right, they brought him HOME, but only in a pine box.

Its been 9 years since *PICKLES* (his nickname) was taken from us.......and to this day....I still cry when I think about him....and I miss him terribly!

I NEVER got to say GOOD-BYE!

If anyone out there watches Police Worlds Scariest chases...Vol 2...(or whatever they call it)....His on there.......Its hard to live without him....BUT it was harder to watch it on TV

reeces cups, diet pepsi and a BIG fat one for ya today..............BUDDY!!

Ride Free
I Love You!

Sweetpickles69 49F

9/11/2006 8:04 am

Rest In Peace Pickles!


norprin5 56M

9/11/2006 1:47 pm

scars and pain may fade, but they never go disappear...


King Nor XVIII

silverbreeze2 67F

9/11/2006 5:52 pm

This is so sad, and I am sorry.
I never had anything like this to happen to a family member, but have known people that left before their time. But the one thing I have noticed is, they had a free spirit and did what they wanted to do, just as Steve Irwin who was recently killed by the stingray accident. That was a freaky thing, but he lived his life doing what he loved.

May "Pickles" rest in peace.

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