takin it easy  

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8/6/2006 6:54 am

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8/7/2006 5:44 am

takin it easy

Lazy Sunday Morning.....

Taking it easy for now, for later it will be off to work!.....OH BOY!

Damn was thinking this morning, this is a sex site and I aint gettin any! Ill have to squeeze that in my routine!

Ive been a good girl, I havent seen FB for almost three weeks NOW.....But do still talk to him.

I did go meet a guy Friday afternoon, from a different website. and Hes OK, its was a good meet and we are still talking to meet again. ........But hes married and we all know im married.....So this will be interesting, for hes the second married one I have met. So by the way it looks at the moment, he will be only a FUCK....damnit......and thats NOT what Im looking for, but oh well.

and So for the new JOB, I look at it this way. I see ALOT of guys at my new job.....MAYBE! I might find me something there......LOL.....A NEW MEAT MARKET! and on the clock too, damn IM gettin paid for it!

Oh yea and I have a friend in the SHADOWS....I would love to meet, hold, kiss, hug, and welllllllllllll..you know. But MAYBE someday I'll be able to meet him. I dont think Ill ever be totally satisfty in what Im looking for in men, UNTIL I MEET HIM!

Life sucks and looking for others to play with sucks and looking for that Mr Right SUCKS ........It just sucks sucks sucks! (damn wish I was sucking.....well on something would be NICE)

Have a Great Sunday, my Dear Bloggy Friends!

My pic....Wanta play footies with ME under the sheets?

silverbreeze2 66F

8/6/2006 10:08 am

Sounds like the new job could get very interesting, in more ways than one!
As for your friend in the shadows that you would like to meet, does he know this? Just wondered about that, if he doesn't know, just tell him and see what happens. Never know until you try.
I hope it's a good day at work...and don't forget those comfortable shoes!

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