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rm_DarknStar 55F
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7/11/2006 8:28 pm

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7/12/2006 4:07 pm


Damn, did I sound alittle bitchy on the last post.

Sorry I didnt mean to, its just a personal problem I have. I wasnt pointing fingers at anyone.

Just wanted to clarify in the pass few weeks I have had a few married ones to float my way. and They caught my eye! ....

and still I type whatever comes to mind and thats what HIT ME at that moment!..............leads to trouble ...............no not ME!

Yea, but still married, well might satisfy a hunger, BUT isnt really what Im looking for!

I always thought I was here looking for Keeps! But hell that was a year ago. No I dont have that.

BUT HELL YEA...I still have that HUNGER

Damn HORNY toad!

damn Im rambling again.....

Good Night and Sweet Wet Dreams

Im the bed bug that bites

Extramist 60M
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7/11/2006 9:04 pm

Where do you bite? You can settle for what you are not seeking or you can hold out for what you are seeking. The decision about going for immediate pleasure or a long term relationship is yours to make.
Good luck to you.

AKA The Clit Whisperer.

Cebhion 62M

7/12/2006 6:13 am

Bitchy?? naw, not at all. A BJ may be OK for a guy, but does little for a gal..

indyref69 51M/54F  
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7/12/2006 8:31 am

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