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1/28/2006 5:12 pm

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Ever feel like you ran all day and didnt get anywhere. That was me today! Ran around all day and didnt get a damn thing done!..

This not having a car sucks. For those that dont know, last week car over heated, and WOW I did a no no, and shes (the car) in the shop for a week!! So NO car all this coming week either! I hate being at my mom anad dads beckon call!! But I guess Im lucky I have them there for me!! Dad being nice about the whole thing, strange, I was expecting an ass chewin or least a bitchin out,. But NO, not this time....Kinda scary!

So now Im just sittin here, Its a saturday night, no car, I live in the country, NOthing out here, but farmland and what have ya! Im far enough away from any town, that NObody will deliever a pizza to me!!..lol

Im headed to surf world!

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