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4/17/2006 6:34 am

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Aawwww..A new week begins, and what, Its Monday morning. We all know this chic hates Mondays and I wouldnt exspect anything less, for to start my Monday morning with a big ass cup of coffee (which I have right in front of me) and then share the moment looking outside to watch it rain.

Recap of the great weekend:

Saturday evening was good, had a Easter egg hunt at my daughters and a cookout! I love watching little kids, run around in the yard looking for the eggs. My grandaughter, knowing what eggs to look for, she was leaving the candy filled eggs and looking for the money eggs! HA...She aint NO dumbie.

Sunday, Easter morning, pretty much an easy morning. But had to be at my brothers at 1. Got over there and had another cookout, with all the trimmings and another Easter egg hunt. Well with being only 2 little ones around and a yard filled of eggs. We worn them out, running around in the yard looking for eggs. (my grdau 5 my niece 2) After all the eggs were found, the girls got to open all there eggs. And again my grdau made out like a fat rat, she didnt know which eggs had money in them. But at the end, she had collected 12 dollars. To where my niece had found 5 dollars worth of eggs! It was a good day. Spending the time with my family!

Sunday evening, back to my daughters to hang out with the girls. While the guys tried to finish a backyard deck, they started on Saturday! Needlesstosay, HELL NO its not done! You cant exspect 3 drunks and a few high ones, to all think alike, to get a simple deck done! OH WELL

So I guess that brings me up to this glory Monday morning. What the fuck ever! A rainin Monday morning, coffee at my side, trying to look at the brighter side of this day!

Happy Ass Monday
to all of ya

Have a Good One!

rm_cru1972 46M
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4/17/2006 4:12 pm

Mornin Red sounds like you had a good weekend! I got to see little one so I had a good time too

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