NO Ponies Here!!  

rm_DarknStar 55F
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1/16/2006 2:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

NO Ponies Here!!

Damn was reading profiles of people that view my blog.

This one SCARES ME!!.....I cant even Imagen!!!

Profile for ~~~~~~~~~~~
A nice guy who's been told that I'm hung like a circus pony!

My Ideal Person:
A slim to athletic SWF wanting to ride a circus pony!


tmdt4u 62M

1/16/2006 3:22 pm

it is probly a real small circus

rm_DarknStar 55F
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1/16/2006 4:41 pm

Dont matter Shoe!!...Its the thought!!

rm_masterchaz30 49M
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3/10/2006 8:37 am

Maybe you could be made up like a circus pony (pony girl) and mounted by a man with an oversized cock.

I have trained many women, but only one pony girl. Her desire was to be harnessed to a chariot-like draw cart for me to drive. When she reached a point in her training in submission, I offered to make this fantasy come true for her. Before I finished, she was kissing my feet and crying "yes...please, yes". This Baltimore City Native was beautiful. She was a very tall natural blond who was in search of herself. She was in the hope of running a course very similar to or at Pimlico.

I began her transformation with her hair and racing cap. it was easy to gather the golden curls into a ponytail pulling the hair to the crown and through the opening in the red satin cap with chin strap. Above her pussy was an I-beam of golden pubic hair, the rest was bare from waxing. Her armpits and legs too were free of hair, very smooth and soft to the touch. Red satin heels were added to match the racing cap. Body modification was also necessary, as stainless steel rings were inserted through the areola of her firm cone shaped breasts and to the pouty outer lips of her pussy. The reigns ran through a loop on a loadbearing red waist belt, fastening to her nipple and pussy on each side. The idea being the nipple signal would be for turning (top) and the pussy signal (lower) would be for stopping and pace setting.

There was a farm not far from the city that had a private track, which I rented from time to time to train this ponygirl. She responded well to this training and was soon ready for making her fantasy come true. I had modified a rig for her to pull, which had the standard equipment. I told her this was her day to run the Quarter-mile Race. Fastened in, I drove her onto the track to warm-up. Her excitement glistened in the morning sunlight, which I saw dripping from between her round white ass and on her thighs. I had not yet used the long whip, but as we approached the starting line...I cracked the whip on her ass and began the race against the clock. Poised like a horse of breeding she praced more than ran, but the sight was more delightful than beating the clock. With each crack of the whip, she let out a satisfying moan. At the conclusion of the quarter-mile, I walked her one more lap and then removed her burden and the reigns. She asked me not to wash her this time, but wanted to feel me inside her. Through her training, the was no penetration. During times when I used her for release, she was blindfolded. But this day, I decided...what a better way to climax this fantasy.

I took her to a horse stall and placed a blanket on some bails of hay for her to lay down on, then I undressed. Her eyes opened wide to see my big black dick at half mast. Her lips were coated with red lipstick were wrapped around the head and working in little sucking motions. It was not long before I was fully erect and ready for some white pussy. She asked me to fuck her from behind like a great horse of breeding. I watched her position herself on the hay bail and how her butt cheeks relaxed and opened...revealing the dripping wet folds. I entered her as she gasped...taking her by the hips and fucked her rough. She moaned and cooed during the entire jungle fuck. I saw her back goose pimple up as she shuddered and gripped my dick with her cunt. Then relax and grip again. I cum deep in that prize pussy. She asked me if I minded fucking a very tall white girl, which I did not mind. I told her that normally, I did not complement subs or ponygirls. But commanded her to suck my dick to another erection and do it again.

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