Java Fantasy  

rm_DarknStar 55F
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2/16/2006 5:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Java Fantasy

Good Morning!

Im here in my fantasy world. Its not much, but its peaceful, clean air. and I dont have to put up with anybodies bullshit, if I dont wanta!

So I sit here on the cozy porch, drinking my morning cappo, watching the squirrels play.

HEY! There is an extra rocker, that sits empty, and I think YOU would look prefect in it!

So DUDE!! Wanta join me? For some morning Java! and bring in the new day with ME!!

rm_DarknStar 55F
2823 posts
2/16/2006 11:46 am

only if there creme filled!...

xxxhandyman4u2 56M

2/16/2006 12:20 pm

nice place...

rm_indydirtydog 47M
700 posts
2/16/2006 2:01 pm

Nice....sounds like a perfect morning

Women Women everywhere and not a pussy to eat......

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