He said to.....Take Baby Steps!  

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He said to.....Take Baby Steps!

My Mystery Date!

maybe iam crazy
maybe iam confused,
maybe I miss construde,
or maybe I love you.
maybe iam dreaming,
maybe iam doomed,
maybe iam destitude
or maybe I love you

with all good intent I come running to give you a world full of me and if then you fine there is one thing,the one thing you want I can be.you ask me to fine a human answere of what you and I could be and if there infact is a chance this could this could be love ending believe in this with all good intent Ill keep running to give you a world full of me. if then you fine there is onething,one thing you want is our peace,believe in it.

everything you are,
everything you'll be,
touches the current of love so deep in me.
every sign in the night
and every tear that you cry suduces me.
and all that Iam,
and all that I'll be,
means nothing at all if you cant be with me.

I light up like a candle burning when we talk
and melt down like candle burning every time we touch

Iam just a prisoner of your love.
I try to say goodbye but I choke,
and I try to walk away and I stumble,
I try to hide it but its clear

then you must understand why its important to me to look elsewhere besides here in the states.Iam looken for love in the thired degree

all in good time,
never rush a good thing.
rememberI said in the begining,
first conversation,
then we start to see one another
and then you/I take the next step.
one has to be able to seduce the other with words first before sex is involved.
baby steps if it is going to be forever....
slow down and enjoy one anothers mind fisical touch comes at a much hotter level,
so prepare your self for it,
for it will soon be at your door step
and you will need to be able to handle it
you cant catch fish by jumping in the water for them.be still,and soon you will be able to feed off from your catch for a life time

a juccuzi tub made for two,dim lights,the flickering of hundreds of candles and you and I naked in the tub soaping one another down just before I take you in my arms and feel your soft silky skin,I take you in and proceed to have my way with you,the warm water splashing out of the tub on each thrust into you
remember i told you that i light up like a candle when you call me up and i melt down like a candle when we touch
well,lets see here.how about this....did I ever tell you about the feeling I get when your not here with me?
well if you were to spend the night with me sometime in the future and then you had to go home in the morning,I believe I would feel and thinksomething like this....

morning comes and morning goes with no regret,
the evening brings the memorys I cant forget.
empty rooms that echos as I clime the stairs
and empty cloths that drapes
and falls on empty chairs.

the truth is, making love is the last part of a great relationship.first and formost is getting to know one another and then become friends, and then exchanging thoughts and ideas and then never wanting to be apart from one another. I can teach you alot about love and how to capture the best feeling you will ever experience

well,anough of the dead end conversation about leaving XXXX,you will never do it and thats fine if thats what you decide

another reason to slow down and look at everything around ones self.thats why they say(say what you mean and mean what you say)
i say what i mean and i mean what i say

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