Gamin this Morning!  

rm_DarknStar 55F
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5/21/2006 9:34 am
Gamin this Morning!

WOW...Im marking this day on the calender!

Its a Sunday Morning, dream come true!

My Bitch is still at her daughters. So me and her have been playing scrabble all morning. I love playing scrabble with her. I can kick her ass at the game!!

We use to play all kinds of games in space together. But you know all that changed when she moved to Ohio. So we were just making up some lost time, this morning!

As for last night, the Championship race Sucked I thought!.....

BUT the evening went really really WELL

But also *FB* seemed alittle different, last night. Talking about things that he has never talked about.

I really dont think he wanted me to leave last night. He just kept on holding me, as we laid there. It was very nice! But he knows the rules, I have to come back home. For I couldnt not stay allnight last night. Well hell HE SET the Rules....Is he breaking them, I guess Ill have to figure that out some time or another.

I know this thing with me and *FB*, cant last forever. So I just take it one day at a time, with him. I have been seeing him for 8 months. Yea I could get attached to him. and maybe I am in some way. Damn I keep going back, and he lets ME and also keeps asking me back!....So someone is ENJOYING it!

But for now.....Until he says stop, no more or wants to tell what the hell he is really feeling. Well Ill be there for the after GLOW. I get when Im with him.

Im missin him now, and damn I was just there. OOPS did ya notice that damn race wasnt over until around 1ish last night,(well this morning) yea I came in quitely around 2 of these days, my luck will run out, but until then...OH WELL!!

Have a great day.....its gonna be a me & bitch day.....either in space or later when she gets her ass back over here.....



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