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5/11/2006 8:57 am

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I think its amazing, How us woman can dangle something in front of a man. Then hes there until he gets what he wants. Then suddenly he has no time on his hands for you or any other thing! ....Yeah RIGHT!


A man comes into my life mid March. We chat on the net and even phone calls. Damn hes there every night to check in with me and wants to chat.

Then first of April, I go and make the drive to see him. Ended up spending the night with him. But he knows that Im faced with something at the end of the month, and He wants to be apart of it!

So I leave his house, and back home I am. Hes still checking in daily, with me. Wanting to know more and more about me. Showing that he is really interested in me and what goes on in my life.

The end of April comes and I go back to his house. Hes excited Im there. Hes excited that my friends are coming too. Hes all caught up in the moment we have together. I did have a GREAT time while there.

BUT....Now....Where in the fuck is HE?

Did his life change that much, that he really dont have the time for me. Did he get what he wanted, and then just move on to something more. I dont know, I havent heard from him for 3 days now.

I got to a point, that I will wait him out. Lets see how long it takes him to come back into my life and wonder what in the hell Im DOING! I dont think he will. Theres no time in his world, well he says.

Really think....He GOT what he wanted! Hes just not man enough to say! Kinda think hes dangling it in front of me. HELL NO! Hes not, what he doesnt know, I have my back-up plan. Always have a plan B, and I do!! He lives much closer to me and that we have been *F* buddies since last September.

Fuckin MEN! You wonder why us woman are so FUCKING COLD HEARTED! Damn, it was other species, of your kind. That put us where us woman are today.

You want to be COLD to us. Well fuck we can be COLD right back! It takes one to know one, is what they say.

I dont know what I really saying here. All I do know, Im sick and tried of all the head games thats guys dont want to play. BUt they sure in the HELL play the game really really WELL.

Aaaww fuck...just leaves me cold and empty!

OK!....so another one MIGHT bite the dust!

as for my pic today....It really dont go with what I posted. But I just found it and I really really like IT!! OOPS....it some how fits me and what Im feeling today.


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5/11/2006 1:51 pm

Hopefully there's a good reason Star. Wish there was somnthing I could do to help. Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

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