A Story Book Fairy Tale: Comes True After 27 Years!!!  

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10/21/2005 6:32 pm

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A Story Book Fairy Tale: Comes True After 27 Years!!!

Let me tell you alittle about myself. I dont know why Im here! and I dont know what drove me to this place! (AdultFriendFinder) But Im here and having alittle fun along the way!

April, is when I came here. I was here for 3 days, when a guy came into my world. He wrote me a nice note, and he had a great profile with a pic of his chest. Cool someone to chat with and get to know, We had moved our chat to a messenger. But for a week, it was a hit and miss thing, with offlines. You know the cute and sexy ones, (i cant wait to lick u) or (Im dreaming of you all over my body with kisses),bla bla bla, you get the picture
Then it happen we were on, at the same time of the day. I was so excited, I findly get to chat with this person on a, one on one bases. As we started to chat, he ask the little things, married? kids? and so on. Then we got to thinking we were from the same erea, and Then we had went to the same high school. And Then graduated, the same fucking year!!....OMFG We have to know eachother. I was scared to death, I had a feeling in the bottom of my gut that didnt feel right. OMG who in the hell was I talking sex to from high school..lol...Im tellin you, its the worst feeling I have ever had!!!. God Help ME!!! I thought for a brief moment my parents had caught me on here..lol. But we decide to take one more step, and tell eachother who we were....and OMG, We had dated in high school.(the NO sex dates)(just kissing and alot of rubbing)lol. Im telling you guys, that it had been 27 years since we had been out. And we have been out of high school for 25 years. We hadnt seen or talk to eachother since graduation. But he had always had his place in my heart. And NOW I have him back in my world, thanks to AdultFriendFinder!!

So since last April, we have been talking on the net with our sex talks and dirty minds at work...TEASING eachother to NO end. We were buddies in high school and thats the way we treat eachother now. Summer came and went and we couldnt get our days off together.

But yesterday that all changed!! I was on the net snooping around and having a semi bad day. But then again I was at home and alone. Yeppers there was no one home!! yippeee!!! And he popped on and his name was lit up. I did hestaite, but what the hell, I WROTE "Hey cum over, no kid and no hubby" and I didnt know where he was or what he was doing. So I was passing it off as a joke! And he said that he could do that, OMG he was coming to see me, after all this time. I about had an orgasm just thinking about holding him again!!! No Shit!!.........
Well when he got here, it was amazing the look and the longing to hold eachother again, after all those years. Our arms were around eachother and lips locked, tongues dancing, and the soft moans, that says this is right!!!...It seemed we kissed forever, and we were so HOT. We werent to go as far as we did. But hello it had been 27 years in the making!!......So after alittle making out on the love seat. I lead him to my bedroom, I set on the edge of my bed, he stood in front of me. I started to unzip his pants, to see the cock, I had dreamed about all these years..and to my surprised it was everything I had dreamed about. I felt like back in high school. And I gave him the BEST blow job a girl could give!!! and man DID he TASTE good, I took every drop of his sweet cum down my throat and didnt miss a drop...He laid me back on the bed, and removed my jeans, kiss my upper legs and inter thighs, Til he hit the spot he had long for. He licked and sucked on my pussy like NO tomorrow, he kept doing his thing, until he got what he wanted, to taste me and drink my female juices!!!....So ending my story, oral is all we did. Now we wait til the next time, when the timing is right, So we can get together and enjoy eachother again!!! Maybe next time we will go further!!..(Im sure we will)

So this is my story!!!..Its Real and Very True!!

So Fairy Tales do come true!!! I know I have lived one!!!!......

And now when I go to my grave, I wont have to carry that regret with ME!!!!.......

looking46176 41M

11/2/2005 7:19 am

great story

thanks for sharing it

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