Its weird...  

rm_DarkKnightV 34M
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3/27/2006 2:15 am
Its weird...

Its really weird ya know... how sometimes you really think your getting somewhere and end up getting nowhere. I've been starting to wonder if my efforts are in vain. I try hard to avoid conflict. I try really hard to reason with people ya know. and yet i still get caught up in a nightmare of mistaken identity. I've been accused of so much crap i really dont know what to think anymore... people i dont even know keep walking up to me and are like "HEY! your that guy from the hospital right?" and i remember the time i had as a transporter for the hospital. I dont honestly remember half of the people i transported. And of the choice few i do remember are probably dead now. but the people that keep remembering me are the people who didnt even go to my hospital or for that matter, my county. Oh, and the best is when i get accused of screwing around with someones girlfriend and i dont even know the person... thats always cute. I must apologize if i seem in a snitty mood, but its really annoying when people you dont even know or care about are going around saying a bunch of garbage about you thats probabaly not even remotely true. Now i really must apologize, but if anyone ever has a problem with something i do or say, please (In a civil tone and manner) tell me about it and i will do my best to control and remedy the problem. And with that, i'm done for the night. Peace.

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