Curiouser and couriouser...  

BellsLapinDuces 60M
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2/14/2006 10:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Curiouser and couriouser...

I have been looking around in here and find many of the female "come get me"s are nothing more than fronts for other adult sites that want you to pay money "so they can confirm your age and the girls won't get into trouble". I am only looking to find someone to spend some time with. I do not have alot of it because I spend what time I can with my daughter. She is 6 and I want her to grow up knowing I did everything I could to be there for her whenever she needed it. I find the vast majority of these "single" on-line females to mostly superficial at best.

Now I know that this site is for you to plugin your wants and desires and hope for a match, but, I don't see it happening. I keep thinking of the old joke, "looking for a woman that loves sex, willing to cook for friends and owns a boat, send picture of the bosat..."

My needs are simple and I would like to share my time with a real woman. Barbie is nice but not a real woman. I don't go for the blowup kind either.

I don't know whether I am setting my sights too high or whether I am not that appealing. Either way is still striking out.

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