Spinning, Whisky & a Chance Encounter  

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2/28/2006 3:00 pm

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Spinning, Whisky & a Chance Encounter

Excuse me for an extended hyatus... it's not as if nothing's being going on in the life of Disquo. Quite the contrary - just haven't taken the time out to pen my latest antics. So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a monster blog session!

Winding the clock back 2 weeks to the Friday before last (I know... quite a while ago!) and I'm faced with the proposition of a first meeting with another A-F-F-er. Now before I go any further, I ain't kiss n' telling nor am I revealing any details which could unmask the identity of my partner in crime... least not at this stage and not without her consent. Plus more than likely she's gonna be readin' this, and I don't feel like getting a pounding - verbal or otherwise!

So what can I tell ya? Well, no harm in talking about what we got up to... and I'm not talking about behind closed doors (off limits!). Instead, I found myself at yet another ceilidh session barely 2 weeks since the previous one. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed these shindigs and what better way to kick off a date by trying to fling each other round a room. What I didn't expect was the presence of my flatmate, her boyfriend and 15 of her work colleagues...! Busted. But no biggie - side-stepped the whole where did we meet issue and just got down to some serious highland twirling.

Not that my flatmate in the end didn't turn out to have her uses... like winning a 10yr old Islay malt whisky in the half time raffle! The classy thing to do would be to save it for winding down over nightcaps during the weeks ahead. The madcap suggestion would be to polish off the bottle with the remaining hour of dancing left. I'll give you 3 guesses as to how things went...

In true (drunken) Scots style, our protaganist finds himself spinning lady after lady in one arm whilst keeping a firm grip on the whisky bottle in the other, taking swigs whenever the occasion presents itself. Definitely not an activity recommended by the Surgeon General! Can't imagine how that faired as a first impression though... but I suppose you might as well see me in full flow, then you know what you're getting yourself into!

So night comes to an end and everyone else goes on their merry way, leaving the two of us to our own devices. Do we go on elsewhere, call it a night or find some other way to amuse ourselves? I'll have to keep you guessing on that one!

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