6 things you didn't know about me!  

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3/25/2006 6:20 am

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6 things you didn't know about me!

Thank you WackyTits for tagging me. And you were right... I didn't expect it! So I've now got to drum up six fascinating facts about moi. Here goes...

  • Let's start with the profile photo: that kilt was actually passed down to me by my dad. He wore on his wedding day and it's now almost 30 yrs old.

  • As I may have revealed in the past, I'm actually half Scots/half French. However, most people within 5 mins of meeting me usually have to ask where I'm from as my accent is rather unusual. For some reason, I seem to have picked up a slight American twang (!). My only explanation for this is that my dad attended an American boarding school, thereby giving his affecting his English accent which seems to have rubbed off on me.

  • Again, linked to my French roots, turns out I'm actually a viscount! Just a title mind you, nothing else. Turns out when we looked at our French ancestory, we found we could resurrect the title & family crest given that we had direct lineage to one of William the Conqueror's bastard sons. And if things stay as they are, then I'm in line to be Count Disquo.... Muhahahahah.

  • I've managed to cheat death whilst in NZ two years ago. Slipped in bad weather whilst climbing the Franz Josef glacier and fell 15ft down some ice carved steps. Luckily I came to a halt on a small ledge as if I'd missed it and hit a slope, I'd have been down a crevass or of a cliff for sure. Instead, suffered the worst bruising of my life, with deep haematomas from my lower back down to the back of my knees. Fully recovered now, but doctors said I should have shattered my pelvis!

  • Where does the nickname "Disquo" come from? Got coined by my mates 6 years ago on a random night out. Let's just say I tend to give it my all when it comes to the dancefloor with my own unique blend of moves! And why "Disquo" and not just "Disco"...? There's actually an obvious reason for this, but you'll have to ask me to find out!

  • Although 100% fully functional (yes, injuries again!), my left elbow is slightly more rotated clockwise than normal. Not noticeable unless pointed out. This is as a result of me shattering that joint when I was 7yrs old and then breaking it a further 2 times, all in a three month period... LOOOONG STORY!

    Well hope that's enough background/dirt on me... now it's my turn to do the tagging.

  • southrnpeach333 52F

    3/25/2006 8:34 am

    New Zealand is one of the places on my list to go. Hope I don't fall off a glacier.

    Wackytits 54F

    3/25/2006 10:09 am

    Should I call you Sir.... LMAO! Thanx for playing along. Let us know who you tagged so we can all have a peek. Hope you enjoyed it.

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