14th Feb minus the VD  

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14th Feb minus the VD

Weekend having flown by, and still reeling (geddit!) from Friday night, thoughts turn to a second meet. Diaries checked, the only date available in the calendar turned out to be none other than Valentines. Obvious downside being that wherever you go & whatever you do, it's going to be overpriced and you're likely to be surrounded by loved-up couples.... not the best of settings. Having been given full responsibility for the evening's activities and a challenging brief ("impress & surprise" - although I've later been told this was said in jest), I begun to formulate plans with barely a day to spare on what is a notoriously difficult evening to book anything!

What did I come up with then? Firstly, decided early on that it would be a two parter. Also, wanted to find an activity which we both had a connection to. So my scour began... Maybe a gig? Perhaps a comedy club? I knew anything active was off the cards as I had to cater for a damaged ankle from a ceilidh kicking. Therefore my choice preferably had to be of the seated variety. Then, one show in particular caught my eye involving "blue men" which seemed to fit the bill. Not run of the mill, and catering for our shared passion for rhythm (both being drummers), I felt I'd struck gold. And with a 9pm showing, there was plenty time for a pre-show dinner. And getting a 6.30pm booking at a modest West End restaurant was going to be somewhat easier. Perfect!

So as to make it a bit of a discovery for me as well, rather than pick one of my regular culinary haunts, I plumped for one of my Picadilly favourites (recently renamed & reopened) which I used to frequent. Might as well find out if it was still as good as it previously used to be. Although a little disappointed that we were stuck with a special V-Day set menu rather than being able to go for the full a la carte, there was still enough
variety for us to tuck into...

- "Make it Last Forever" cocktail
- Crab Bisque
- Foie Gras OR Salmon Terrine
- Lobster OR Steak
- Champagne frozen shot
- Passion fruit creme brulee OR "Floating Islands in a Sea of Chocolate"

And what do you know... we picked everything on the menu. Washed down with a little champers and a bottle of rioja. At least we're equally matched in our passion for food... which is a good thing! Then a skip & a hop over to the theatre just in time for the curtain raising (stalls seats no less!) and took in the fantastically bizarre spectacle of visuals and sound. Pretty good show, although you may wish to skip the drugs for the somewhat psychodelic ending! At that point, my "mission" complete, I handed over the reins and let her go in the driving seat...

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