Embarrassing moments!!!  

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4/4/2006 10:26 pm

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Embarrassing moments!!!

Ok everybody has had one of those moments sometime in their life where they wish they could be anywhere but where they are LOL. I personally have had a couple and decided that I would let you in on one. Hey it may give somebody a laugh who needs one.
To set the scene here my phone line was out and I had to get the company to send someone out to fix it. OK most of those guys are not that attractive so I wasn't concerned. Yet they had to send the good looking one to my house. I open the door in my just got out of bed hair no makeup and my jammies (which mind you consisted of tinkerbell boxers and matching shirt). Woohoo now I feel sexy LOL. Well he discovers that one line is fine it has to be the other one in my room thats messed up. Great I'm thinkin now I wish I'd gotten the rest of those clothes put up last night but hey its only a basket full so its ok. Well now where is my phone jack other than behind the head of my bed. Can my morning get any better you ask. The answer is NO! Being nice he offers to help me move the bed over so he can get to it. Wow cute and nice and in my room with me half dressed hmmmm. LOL. We slide the bed over and the embarrassment hits. What should be behind the bed but my tiny white lace thong lying right beside a pair of black fuzzy cuffs. OMG! Well now I know where those went. I could feel my face burning. He just looks up at me with a *guess you had fun* look and a smirk and sets to work. Meanwhile I sit on the foot of the bed humilated. When he's gotten it fixed we shove the bed back (after id gotten the goodies out btw) and I say sorry about that. If I had known youd be this early I'd have had it moved for you. With a purely amused look on his face he says without missing a beat "Don't worry darlin I have seen worse, at least it was hiden". With that he left and I'm thinking now what do you suppose he went back and told his buddies at work. I can only imagine. "I went to this blondes house this morning to fix her phone line and she was in Tinkerbell pjs. I had to move the bed and found her thong and cuffs back there." OMG I can just hear the comments. Yet somehow everytime I've had a problem since he's been the one to come by and I must say he always has a smile LOL. So there you have it. One of my moments. Have a good day!

rm_bwa1973 44M

4/7/2006 8:54 pm

too funny. Thanks for brightening my day.

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