Broken down ....part 2  

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Broken down ....part 2

A little relunctant he seems to notice the hesitation. Look Miss theres no sense in you sitting here like this. I live about 5 minutes down the road in the big ranch style house you may have noticed and I promise I'm not there alone. My sister is down visiting. I'm getting soaked here so come on would ya. I promise to be a complete gentleman and as soon as the weather clears a little I'll call my friend he owns a shop and we will get ya going again ok.
Somehow he seems genuine and besides I'm a big well little big girl at a whopping 5'2" but I can handle myself. OK I'm coming give me a seond to crab a couple things. Watching him stroll back and get in his dry truck thinking hey the back views not bad either LOL grabbing the bag from the store with the pajamas in it and the keys locking the doors and running over to the truck. Reaching up to open the door damn why did he have to have a jacked up truck and me in a wet dress. Stepping up on the running board tossing the bag on the floor board grabbing the handle hearing ya gonna make it? Jumping in shutting the door ahhhh man your crazy. Oh sorry Ma'am as he turns the a/c off and the heat on. Shivering so I see your funny to what was that a short joke?
Grining he says well yes as a matter of fact I think it was. Starring at him hmmmp some gentle you turn out to be. Both laugh realizing that at least they can joke without the other coming off the handle.
Pulling into his drive she realizes how nice his house is. Jumping out both running up onto the porch as the thunder claps. Getting the door open he holds it letting me step inside first. Letting my eyes adjust I can see this is a nice house. Ma'am I'll show you the guest bath where you can change into some dry clothes assuming those are clothes in that bag. Oh yeah thanks I just bought these earlier guess their gonna come in handy now. It's pajamas but I'm not to choicy right now I'm freezing. Following him down the hall to the bathroom smelling something that smells wonderful coming from what I assume to be the kitchen my stomache growls.
He laughs dont worry theres plenty I have a really bad habit of cooking to much. It should be done by now I'd just ran up the road to crab some drinks. After we get changed we'll eat. Looking up at him.. whispering your not such a bad guy are ya..smiling stepping into the bathroom closing the door behind me.
Wow it feels good to be dry again now if these pajama shorts were just a little longer and why did i buy the spagetti strap top. Feeling a little underdressed to be in a strangers house kind of uncomfortable but no other option I step out into the hall.
Following the smell to the kitchen god it smells good...
He looks up well hello sunshine you look better. Why thank you sir and so do you. Thinking to myself god yes you do looking over him in fresh shorts and a tshirt no hat or shoes. He is fine. He says sorry my sister was supposed to make it back for dinner. I don't know where she is but I had said she'd be here I hope your not uncomfortable. I'm sorry. A nervous smile on my face don't worry its ok. I'm sure she'll be back soon.
And the names Cyn hun Ma'am makes me feel older than I am. Well Cyn nice to meet you my names Jake by the way. Trying to move the electricity thats in the air well Jake what you got there need any help?
No ma'am err Cyn its all done lets eat youve got me starving. Sitting opposite him at the table taking a small bite not having a clue if this guy could cook. Omg Jake this is great where'd you learn to cook like this? Smiling my mom made sure I knew how to feed guests. Eat all youd want less leftovers that way. Then I'll give you a tour of the house.
Settling into peaceful conversation finishing up dinner and helping load the dishwasher the kitchen was all done. Well lets take that tour Cyn. Leading the way I come to realize just how pretty this place is and also that he inherited it from his parents. Spacious with a rustic style. Jake this is nice. Just before his room the lights go out. Laughing well guess thats a hint we'll go light the fire for some light. Sitting on the rug watching him thinking you know in another situation this would be really romantic...letting a soft laugh slip past.
Turning he smiles whats so funny? Am I amusing you? Oh no just had a thought nevermind. Sitting beside me on the huge soft rug knowing he's looking at me I turn. He's looking straight into my eyes his are so blue it almost hurts to look into them..
Now what was this thought I'm supposed to nevermind. With a laugh I tell him what I'd been thinking. Glancing back at him realizing his smile is intoxicating he whispers still seems the settings nice to me Cyn. I mean its not everyday I get to rescue a pretty blonde girl on the roadside and have her come home with me. Not to mention have her change into her pjs and have a nice dinner with me then sit in front of a cozy fire.
My breath catching in my throat Jake stands let me get us a drink is a beer ok with you sweetie? Tryin to shake the moment sure thats fine. Watching him return with the drinks sitting next to me I take a long slow drink. So Jake tell me why is it that a 35 year old, blonde haired blue eyed, handsome guy like yourself doesn't have a wife at home waiting for you everyday.
Laughing he replies well between work and keeping things up here I've been a little busy. Turning to me his voice drops besides I just havent found her yet. When I do I'll know. With that we drift off both staring into the fire as i lean back against the couch and pull my knees up to me in a comfortable silence.
The phone breaks the moment as he answers it. Not able to help it seeing as how he's sitting next to me I hear him say ok just take care I'll talk to you tommorrow and tell her I said hi too. Bye. Well looks as if my sisters not gonna brave the weather to come back shes staying at her friends house tonight. Letting his gaze fall over me we settle back into the relaxation.
In my own world lost in thought I didnt even notice he'd turned on some music until I heard the low sound playing. Sitting down his drink then taking mine and sitting it aside extending his hand he whispers may I. Smiling up at him yes you may.
Slippin into his arms dancing to the slow soft music the smell of him drifting over me. He smelled so good. Somewhere between soap, some scent that was intoxicating and all man. It felt good to be held like this. It had been so long. As the song ended lifting my head looking up at him realizing he had a soft smile on his face as well. Letting the moment take us both his lips come down to softly touch mine.
The air seemed to rush out of me as he pulled me closer. Wrapping my arms around his neck holding onto him as if I may fall if I didn't returning the kiss now turning more passionate by the second.
Letting him guide me back to the rug in front of the fire we settle onto it and into each others arms. As he slowly lays me back I pull him down with me looking into his eyes seeing the fire there and know it matches mine.
Bringing his lips back to mine the kiss is hotter than before and a moan escapes me. Pulling back looking at me he whispers are you sure baby.
Feeling the need to have him kiss me again I whisper yes I'm sure. Then his lips come back to mine this time the need and desire evident in the kiss. Jake let his hand slip down. Feeling his fingers brush my hard nipple I gasp. Hearing him moan his lips soon follow. Lifting my top up over my head looking down at me with a smile.
You know for a damsel in distress your one beautiful lady. Then quickly taking my taught nipple and sucking gently.
My back arches and the ache for more takes over. As his hand slips down into my shorts he realizes theres nothing stopping him beneath them. Smiling at me his finger finds my clit.
With a loud moan I arch giving him more access to me as he slips my shorts down over my hips then tosses them aside returning to my sensitive spot. That's it baby. You like that don't you? Does it feel good?
Oh yes baby so good. Moaning almost pleading for more knowing he knows I'm so close. Slippin in a finger his thumb making circles on my clit making me squirm beneath his touch. I'm so close baby I need you. With a devilish smile he whispers not yet, not yet.
As he plants kisses down my stomache my moans grow louder. Hearing him say look at me baby I lift myself up on my arms and watch as he flicks his tongue over my clit. OMG baby I'm gonna cum. Looking up at me he continues the torture. Slippin in a second finger his tongue dancing over me I feel my body start to shiver. MMMmmmm yes darlin thats it come for me let me taste you. Moaning and gasping my body shuddering as I cum my head thrown back. His tongue running up and down licking off the juices.
Standing he pulls his shirt off followed by his shorts so I can finally get a good look at him. He's gorgeous. All muscles his hard body tanned from working. Then my eyes find his hard cock. Bigger than I'd expected him to be making me want him more with him standing over me smiling down a me. Sitting pulling my knees under me taking him quickly deep into my mouth hearing him moan and shiver. His hands in my hair I take him in and out. It's not long before he says I need you baby. NOW. Pulling me up to him kissing me hard we step back to the couch where I sit. Pulling me close to the edge he says I'm sorry baby I wanted to go slow and easy but I'm afraid I can't I need you to much.
Looking at him as he almost begs me to say yes. Running my nails down his arms that are braced on either side of me I say Jake its ok I need you too. Please.....
With all the control he can gather he slips between my thighs trying hard not to touch me with his hard aching manhood as he puts my legs over his shoulders. Baby I hope your sure then slowly he starts to slide in a little at a time letting me adjust to his size. After a few slow strokes neither of us can take any more torture. Reaching grabbing his hips I pull him deep into me. With an almost growl he says baby you feel too good and starts to pump harder and faster into me.
Lifting to meet his every thrust feeling the waves start to build again. As he rams hard into me I can't take anymore. Screaming out as I start to cum again squeezing his hard throbbing cock deep inside me. Oh god Cyn your making me cum baby as he throws back his head and buries himself inside me shuddering as wave after wave of hot cum fills me.
After several long minutes both our breathing become a little more regular he pulls me to my feet. My legs still shaky as are his. Baby lets go find my big bed. Smiling up at him. Yes lets do that. Pulling me to him kissing me softly he whispers we'd better get there now or I may take you again right here baby. Feeling a twitch I look down yes I believe you. Smiling we slip off down the hall as the thunder rolls outside and the lightening flashes we both know its no match for whats still yet to come..................

up2it38 52M

6/3/2006 3:56 am

Cyn? What a GD story you tell!!!!!!!!! Hell, got lost in the hallway! lmao We are in the same little ole town, I would luv to meet you, if not but to look at you. Keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6/6/2006 12:46 pm

write me Cyn soon: southlabman

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6/7/2006 1:13 pm

Excellent job on your writing. I enjoyed it and it really held my attention.
I am new and in fact this is my first day to discover and look around. Just recently divorced so kinda lonely and found this adv for in my email and here I am.
Thanks for allowing me to both read and comment.

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