Nice guys don't alway finish last. LOL  

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2/27/2005 2:45 pm

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Nice guys don't alway finish last. LOL

Well here it Sunday again and its time to start a new week. For those of you who don't know I am custom furniture and cabernet maker, and most Sundays I come in to clean the mess from the week before. This afternoon my wife and I were watching a movie (wish I could remember the title), it was a comedy about a GOOD guy turned bad and then back again. Yes he did get the girl. It got me to thinking, over the years (we have all heard it guys) I would hear those dreaded words. Oh Bill your such a nice guy or you'll make someone a great husband someday. My skin use to crawl when I heard those words. It even seemed to carry over into my professional life as well. God I was a mess when I was younger, but hey what did they know.
Case in point;

Some say information is everything, there was this woman I was interested in couldn't even get the time of day. Well that's not true we were pretty good friends, and I knew the guy she was seeing was real scum. Not to mention he used drugs too. Some part of me said leave it alone, but the other said tell her. Well being a nice guy I told her, that was that. He was gone, and so was she. However about 8 months later I heard from her, and well one thing lead to another. I still think of her from time to time.

The same sort of thing happens in my professional life. You know you put in a bid, lose the bid to someone else etc. In this case I heard that my competition had done more things wrong than rightmost of the time. I really didn't think much about it just made the call to save the client a lot of grief. 3 months later they called and gave me the job.

Now as I think about it there really is a very fine line between right and wrong, good guy and bad. I'm not really sure how to even ask this question but here goes.

If being a nice guy and doing the right thing gets you what you wanted to begin with, does that make you a bad guy?


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