Dinner for four..  

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6/15/2006 4:20 am

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Dinner for four..

Meeting the great couple at the club last time we were there was really refreshing and G has been in contact with F ever since.
So last wednesday we finally met up with them again over dinner at G's place.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy going to the club and in-haling the sense of the absolute breathtaking, erotic smell of couples getting it on with each other at every corner of the place..!

But having a private session at home is just something else.. Above that league even

Starting out with a welcome drink and a bit of chit chat, moving on to dinner..
B looked absolutely gorgeous and I found my mind occupied in a stage of "Fark.. I really want to kiss her, now"!

I don't know what kind of thoughts that were going on in the guys heads but at that moment I didn't seem to care much either..
Egoistic me, LOL!

Finnished up with dinner and continued enjoying our wine and chat, curling up together in the couch.
Careful touching.. a bit of "Ooops, my hand just slipped"..
B and I were sat next to each other and the guys at each of our sides.
Minutes later my lips were kissing B's and I suddenly remembered how soft they were.. And how soft her skin felt under my fingers.

G and F were moving aside as we started undressing eachother. Kissing and caressing..
I was wearing red and she was in black lingerie.
A perfect match, almost as if we had talked it over earlier..

And that's how it all started..

I don't know who was in control but it all seemed so easy..
I think we're all pleasers, all four of us, so being together sharing eachother just feels right all the way..!

I bet some of you would have given quite a few bucks to have been a fly on the wall that night wouldn't you..?

Okay, just playing..
But I think I'll choose to keep some of the details a bit more exclusive than posting them on here..
Ask G.. He might be keen to tell you more..


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