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11/16/2005 2:15 pm

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This time it was a hardware course. A new SUN server. Con-calls till 11am. Online course till 2pm. Assessment test till 3pm..........

And guess what...sorry guys, I didn't win the Lottery so I guess I won't be able to buy ALL the drinks and pay for the hotel rooms. But I still have great hopes for Friday at Maxie's. It would be nice to win one....[WEG] (Wicked Evil Grin)....


billybobobbriggs 43M
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11/16/2005 7:49 pm

Ok, blog training: % of people that know what a Sun server is and why it's different in AdultFriendFinder-land...... 0.6% But you redeemed your blogging with the Maxies talk.

I kinda miss the Sun workstations we used in college. Bulletproof if you knew how to navigate the different architecture and kill processes. I love a challenge, so while everyone had the standard dull-ass blue-gray background, I had tricked mine out with backgrounds and colors, and funky little clocks, and xeyes, and goofy little stuff that made people do a double-take and ask how the heck I did that.... They of course were interested until they realizes that it would be a bit of work to understand the stuff.... Oh well, that's why people love the "a Zulu-warrior who never saw a computer could use it" AOL type spoon-fed stuff. It's less flexible, but it does the job (or 75% of it anyway) very easily.

Hang in there Doc.
Have a Guinness Draught.
See ya Friday....

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