Wish for more!  

rm_Cpl6423 50M
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5/3/2006 6:14 am

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5/23/2006 5:48 am

Wish for more!

I'm not sure what's wrong with me lately. Towards the end of my 1st marriage I could not bare the sight of my wife. She was a big girl (nearly 100Kg) and had very big tits. I think in the last Two years of our marriage we only had maybe three times a year sex, because I could not bare the sight of her anymore.

My new wife, is totally different. She maybe be about 50Kg now and has a normal sized breasts. She wears all the kinky underwear, and I even enjoy buying her regulary more and more underwear sets. I really do love her and she has given me also 4 wonderfull children. Our normal routine is fairly stressy, and the kids tend to rule what we do! Most nights we just about manage to crawl into bed before droping to sleep.

I have such a big desire since I met her for more and more sex! I'm wanking myself to death some nights while I think it is unfair to wake up just becasue I want sex. I look at some of the girls on this site and I'm very tempted in contacting them and maybe having a one night session.

I don't think I will ever do it though, coz I've got too much to loose and I can't get away anyway that easy at nights. The only chance I may have would be to say I'm going on a motorbike tour on a Saturday afternoon and then maybe meet someone in a open wood somewhere for a good sex session.

I'm I a bastard for thinking so?

lickmypussyanass 32F

5/3/2006 8:06 am

We are only human to want more sex then we are getting, or to think we deserve more.But if you have a good thing going for you please, its not worth it, and non of these females/men are worth it on this site to loose everything.She loves you more than you know trust me.

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