Dirty old git  

rm_Cpl6423 50M
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5/22/2006 6:36 am
Dirty old git

It must be the Summer weather that makes an old git like me, act like a dog on heat. As soon as the mini skirts and the short tops come out in Summer, it makes me go on heat. I'm looking everywhere at the moment thinking to myself 'Wow, I'd love to get between her' or 'Bloody hell, as she got anything on under that short skirt', etc.

I'm in a fairly happy marriage whereby, my wife likes sex nearly just as much as I do. But due to the kids and the general routine we have, we tend to fall into bed at night tired instead of falling onto each other!!!

Sometimes, I think to myself, if I had the offer from a lovely young slim woman for a quickie, regardless where, I would most probably take her up on it. Dangerous thought though.

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