Midwinter's night fantasy...part two  

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3/18/2006 9:56 pm

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Midwinter's night fantasy...part two

The center of the room and the ceiling strap hooks contained a low table, almost akin to a medical or massage bed. After the near violent removal of her dress, by the hair he pushed her over to lean against the bed.

Suddenly slower in his movements, she felt his leather encased crotch pressing and rubbing against her bare ass. His erection obvious as he made small pushing motions into her ass cheeks. She felt her pussy growing warm and wet with anticipation and moaned softly as he massaged her back and hips firmly.

"Do you trust me?" he whispered. "Yes", her firm and certain reply. Reaching around he grasped her breasts firmly but gently and pulled her back against his chest. Again he ground his erection against her as his fingers alternated between light teasing and firm pinches of her erect nipples. Her body responded to his touches with increasing heat and force. Her hips ground back against his with a will of their own.

He turned her to face him and again kissed fiercely but gently. From somewhere on his person he produced a silk blindfold and proceded to cover her eyes. Reducing her senses by one, to better stimulate her other senses. The slight fog of the drug made this difference more acute. Even the touch of a door's breeze electrified her skin.

Master lifted her by the waist to straddle the narrow bed. He took each strap from the ceiling, binding each in turn firmly to her ankles and wrists. Effectively placing her at his mercy. The vulnerability of being spread eagle and blindfolded electrified her as nothing else ever had. Her fear nearly overcame her, but suddenly he was by her head. Stroking her head and speaking words of reassurance. "Love, this is a night you will always remember. Tonite you spread your wings and fly to a land of ecstasy you have never known."

She felt his presence go to the door of the room, then the sounds of it opening. Low voices, sounds of admiration...he had invited others into the room.

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