Size Matters? Only to Trojans! >_<  

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7/30/2005 1:10 pm

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Size Matters? Only to Trojans! >_<

Well, this is the first time a condom has stopped me from having sex (well penetrative sex that is).

In today's world, it's quite common for both men and women to carry around condoms in their wallets or purses (depending of course on how sexually active they are).

Now you see, I'll draw up the situation, I'm about 2 months officially old to this country and living with parents, so I don't have a car, the nearest Pharmacy is about 30 blocks up the road and is pretty much inaccessible to pedestrians, so when I have to get some, usually I have to ask a friend, or get a ride with one of my parents, and make the excuse "I have a rash" or something of that nature. (Now these travels to the Pharmacy are once in a blue moon, because if it happened too often, of course questions would be asked, which is not welcome in the household *_*).

Well anyway, I would have to say, one of the finest pieces of ass that was on a limited time offer (she was visiting from California) happened to take interest in me on the last 2 days of her visit.

So on the last day, I had a phone call from an unknown number (I never asked her number, but her friend gave it too her), I received the call and after 5 mins of talking about her leaving and what a great time we had talking to one another, she asked me frankly over the phone "would you like to get together to mess around" (now this came as some what of a shock to me because most women I know are not that forward).

I told her that I didn't have any condoms, (I remembered I had used them up the previous week.)
but she replied by telling me it was alright, she had some with her.
Brilliant, come right on over, my parents are away ^_^.

So wile I waited, I prepared the bed (it's constantly covered in crap and I usually go to other peoples places), I got a knock on the door, and bolted down the stairs... she was in the most Seductive little red dress I have ever seen and her curves fit it perfectly.

I open the door and before I can compliment her on the dress, she reaches her arms around, hugging my waist and grabs my ass, then tells me "I've been waiting to do that all week", she sure knew how to push my buttons because I was already thick hard against her.

"So where's the bedroom?" she enquired, I told her it was upstairs... at that point she threw close the door and pulled me by the hand upstairs.

She rocketed onto the bed, and stroked the area of the bed where she wanted me to join her at.
We kissed and groped for an hour until our cloths found their way from our bodies onto the floor, we then started to orally please one another, I slowly moving my tongue from her lips to her sweet opening (She really did taste delicious).
Before I made her cum with my tongue, she asked me to stop and to put "it" inside her.
I said sure and she flipped onto the floor to find her handbag wile I hanged there.
Now she had bought 3 of the regular from the vendor.... Crap I though, it's not going to work (I had a past problem where I couldn't get the regulars on and had to go a size up to the magnums).

Well she spent 5 mins trying to get the 1st one on with her mouth, that just didn't work, got about as far as the head and wouldn't budge (it's like then you lose the end of sticky tape, you have to run your fingernail over it to find it) anyway it got a nick' in it, and we moved onto the second, this time I put it on and with a bit of force, it was on, but 10 mins into the dance, I went floppy, the condom had just strangled all the life out of it.
We finished up the session orally then caressed, kissed and talked for another 2 hours... she suggested that we should ring her friend to take a drive down to the pharmacy, but it was 2 am, and it was crazy talk really, but it did somewhat spoil the event.
She stopped over and we spooned together for the night, it was a fantastic night getting to feel her there with me, so I guess that made up for it in a big way.

We woke up at 5am, and had another play, then showered together, then sadly, I had to say goodbye.
She's offered a place to stay if I ever take a trip to Los Angeles, but I don't think that's going to be for a long time with all the stuff I have to sort out here.
Hopefully I can make it up to her one day, but I really did enjoy her company and silky touch ^_^

Hummm.. if you want to comment, you can, but I don't know any questions to pose.
But seeing as no one does comment around here, I'm not expecting anything.

Later Days ^_^

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