First Entry - breaking new grounds with a soup spoon  

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7/24/2005 12:48 am

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First Entry - breaking new grounds with a soup spoon

Well today when I decided to check my Account setting, I noticed it wanted me to setup a Blog...
At first I thought to me self, why the hell would anyone want to hear the Stories of another horny teenager.

I had the day to burn, and I spent most of my time in the Adult Chat forums... Disappointing experience when I found no one in the Kentucky/Tennessee chat rooms were anywhere near Paducah... and those that I did engage in conversation were instantly put off after learning I was 19.

I can understand that some people are just not turned on by younger men, but my first sexual relationship I ever had was with some one that was 42 and she spent so much time worrying about her age comparison that it just ended the relationship after 3 days passion, she felt it would stain her reputation if people knew she was dating a younger male.

So now I have to find people my age... but you see this is where the Dilemma is, people of my age are either in Collage or are working, or commonly both.
And the Results I've had back from AdultFriendFinder have been very disappointing, 2 Hoaxes accounts and 3 that never replied back and the worst had to be the teasers..

Paducah for a City has a dismal amount of people under 30 on AdultFriendFinder to email or talk too.

But you know.. the major problem is, "DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR" yup I'm stuck in an ocean without a paddle, the only places I can go, have to be within Walking/running distance, which severally Limits my pulling potential.

But my main objective in making this Blog, is to perhaps stimulate a little more interest in Paducah... Because it really need a horny population boost.
Seeing all these Babies, Puppies and Kittens everywhere across Paducah is making me Envious I guess lol.

Anyway, not the Best entry.. but Hopefully I'll make it up with some good news over the next 10 days (Parents have left for a Wedding in new york..
Yeehhaa, Party at my House ^_^).


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