The Married One..PT2  

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10/14/2005 11:12 pm

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The Married One..PT2

He had a way about him that appealed to me, to that side of me that is a curious girl. I wanted to do all the things that came to mind when I was alone in my bed at 3 AM. All the things that made me touch myself. He was a big, walking opportunity to play, to explore. His kissing took me back to up against the handball wall at school. It just felt good to rub my body against his fully clothed. I wanted him to undo my bra, toy with the zipper of my skirt, sliding it up and down, looking at me for the ok.
We had that connection, sexual fuckin' tension like you would not believe and I liked him! RARE as hell this was to me and midnite came and went and we sat like bad kids in my car, steaming the windows and listening to Jill Scott. He had never heard of her before but he was curious and he nodded just enough to be real to the rhythm of her words. We licked lips and tongues. We sucked each other in to one another, thru kisses, an ear, an eyelid, cheek to bottom lip.
1:30AM, a soft ring of his cell put a pause to my tasting his tongue deep. He looked surprised and answered it stroking my hair.
I could hear his wife inquiring, perhaps questioning being out so late on a work night?
I straightened and flipped to Common's CD. *GO* played like a soundtrack for the moment, I turned it up a bit to drown the distant drone of his wife on the phone. He said goodbye very chipper and ended with.. I love you ..too.
He looked out and away for second, put his thumb on the steamed window and drew a little figure. Moment passed.
No movement then, but we both agreed in our heads to start again, to hold the moment for another time.
I had the sense as I drove home that we were still in foreplay, my thighs tingled and I shivered as if his lips were still on the curve of my neck.
At 3 AM, I was awake, listening to Marvin Gaye, *You sure love to ball*...
Oooh baby..please turn yourself I can love you good.


AtomicArtist0 46M
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10/16/2005 8:14 pm

oh, Cocokins...I never knew you existed until now and I just read your entire blog. I found you from BigGirlzRSweet's blog and I also like your style. I'll keep an eye on what you write. You can check my blog out if you want but I am pretty dark and dirty most of the time. Just ask BigGirlz...she reads my stuff. Take care. P.S. I'm down with the swirl.

rm_Cocokins 50F

10/17/2005 9:06 pm

You by the way young man ..scare me, I could only watch you from afar! I would enjoy watching tho'

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