I still cannot believe it!  

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3/24/2006 10:07 pm

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I still cannot believe it!

Last night I stayed late at the office. I had a report to finish off and I would rather finish it now than be confronted with it on Monday. The train was pretty full but I managed to get a seat. I opened my briefcase, extracted the completed report and began to read for mistakes.

I didn't look up until ten minutes had passed and probably four stations. My carriage was almost empty and there was a young lady smiling at me from across the aisle. I smiled back and returned to the report. I discovered a mistake and taking out my pen, started to correct it. Just then we stopped at another station and I looked up. The carriage was empty except for me and the young lady. She smiled at me again - and kept smiling as she pulled up her skirt and slipped her hand underneath. Her hand moved until it looked as if there was an animal under there. My mouth was dry and I felt a stirring in my groin. She pulled her skirt up exposing her thighs, removed her hand for a moment and I saw she was not wearing pants. I felt a dull roaring in my ears and there was suddenly a monster in my pants straining to be free. I still had my briefcase across my knees and the report spread out on it and a pen in my hand. My eyes were fixed on the darker place between her thighs. She hitched her backside off the seat and pulled her skirt all the way to her waist. Her hand returned to her cleft and she began to stroke vigorously her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to moan.

Suddenly, I came back to reality and I saw me sitting there with my mouth agape, my case on my knees. the report on the floor and fuck knows where the pen was! I opened the case and stuffed the report inside. I got up and went over to her conscious of the bump protruding from my trousers.
"Are you alright?" I said, cursing myself for asking such a stupid question.
"Oh yes!" she replied, "but I really need a fuck!", and she kept on rubbing.
"I'm happy to supply, but we can't do it here", looking around to see if anyone was watching. I couldn't see anyone but of course the train was by now speeding through darkened suburbia and everone outside could probably see what was happening inside.
"Come home with me", I pleaded.
She didn't reply but she leaned forward and grabbed my prick through the trousers.
"That's what I want and I want it now!" she said looking me fully in the eye, "and perhaps I'll come home with you then".
I threw reason to the winds and quickly dropped my trousers. She grabbed my prick and extracted it from its entangement within my underpants. She drew it towards her face. The roaring in my head grew louder. She moaned and opened her lips, licking them and moving her face forward. She used the head of my prick to push her wet and luscious lips apart and then exerted a slight negative pressure within her mouth that caused my prick to slide inside her mouth.

I was in heaven! I have no idea how many stations we passed through as she used the rocking motion of the train to process my shaft. I was on the edge of orgasm and she knew it! Somehow she managed to back my climax off each time so that I didn't spill anything on her. I wondered how this was going to end but I couldn't think straight - the roaring was still there and my knees were weak and I was at the ultimate height of thrill. Suddenly she tightened her grip on my prick and took it from her mouth. She looked up at me (I'm in love!) and said "Will you take me home with you?" My mouth was too dry to say anything so I nodded - several times in case she had missed my reply to her question.

We had just arrived at the terminus, my usual stop anyway. We left the train and recovered my car from the park. Talking about totally inane things like the weather and the condition of the road, we arrived at my house. I own a beatiful house and was not as ashamed to allow her into it as I would have been into my city plan a couple of years ago. I had learned how to look after myself in a domestic sort of way. As we entered the front door and I switched on the lights, it was clear that she appreciated the cleanliness of the place because she looked around and mumbled approvingly.

I'll cut the remainder of the story short. I made a beautiful meal for us and she asked if we could shower together. we did that and then had a hottub for a while during which things got going again. We spent a brilliant night together and when I woke in the morning she was gone. Nothing but her and her clothes were missing. I cried.

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off work to travel the train network of my city until I see her again. How can I do anything else? I love her. I never even asked her name I'll call her 'dreamlover' - so Dreamlover if you read this please get in touch. You know where I live and you know where my heart is.

rm_Circumspect2 36M

3/25/2006 7:28 pm

Thank y'all mzhuny.

I'll take that as a compliment.

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