I found that after I turned thirty, it never was an issue anymore  

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9/28/2005 1:45 pm

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I found that after I turned thirty, it never was an issue anymore

I've dated women younger when I was in my 30's (19 years old was the youngest, I was 35), and up to 15/20 years older then I. The funny thing was,
I don't consider age a factor when the heart is concerned. However, I have a few "younger friends" in their 20's that feel seeing someone more then 10 years older then them is out of the question. Age is only a number, I'm told I don't look or act my age (thirty-five with 14 years experiance, thats "49" for those who needed help). I was raised by a mom who says, "you're as old as you think you are" and at 71 she can shame and out-work most people (in their 30's)when it comes to working in her yard or around her home. Hell... she makes me tired just watching her in her yard.
Anyway... thats how I feel, how about you?

34andahalf4U 51M/46F

9/28/2005 2:53 pm

(her) I'm not really concerned so much with older... it's the younger I have a problem with. My biggest concern is the maturity level of the person. If two people are wanting to make a serious go at it, they should be close in maturity and life goals, which in the long run, doesn't necessarily go with age.

(him) For the most part I agree, but life experience and stage of life play important roles in it. Although we make better parents the older we are, not many WANT to be past 45 or so. Dating (seriously ) someone still in the age of making/wanting babies would be disasterous. I guess 5-10 years is all the differance I'd want. Not that it matters anymore; I've been blessed with the perfect gal.

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