Getting To Know Me Better: TMI, but you asked...  

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2/11/2006 6:06 am

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Getting To Know Me Better: TMI, but you asked...

My mother majored in English, but was a part time model. She slipped into San Francisco's Hippee movement in just enough time for me to run buck naked through the Pan Handle and Golden Gate Park w/a flower in my hair & emptying 1/2 paper cups of Boones Farm Apple Wine & eating the buds of half smoked joints (roaches). Our flat was right on Haight and Divisadero. I played tennis against the wall of the local Bank Building and tried to stuff potatoe chips in my panties to steal them from the corner store.

Communal Living, Napa Valley, Musicians, Playwrights, Thespians, Lesbians, my uncle Bill T and his longtime partner Arnie, Musicals, Tap & Piano Lessons (yes...I still can a little) Predator Stepfather/Uncles/Stepbrother (why I can't do the Humiliation thing), Emotionally Unattached Church Women (why I require touchy/touchy/kissy/kissy/lovey/lovey from women), High-jump, C. and N. Barto, deflowering, rollerskates, ROLLERBALL, Christians, Buddists, Muslims, Beggars, Young Lovers, the EST Movement and No Friends.

Leaving home at 12, I was emancipated at 16 - having done the rounds in Juvee Hall and Independent High School. My first real job at 15, using my cousins i.d. as 18 was Big Mouf Hamburger. The truckers loved me - I made a hell-of-a-sandwhich...and still do.

Somewhere in there - Milton came & left. So did my love of Men.

7 years as a Lesbian: Castro, here I come...just turned drinking age by anyones standard. Ache', book signings, tons of therapy (I'm sure Master & Dom Cream are like...errrr - need, back to nature trips, ropes courses, horses, ride my motorscooter - graduate to a motorcycle), try to be butch, feel grander as a femme.

Start working out myKINKS

Shout out to the Be-zerk-ley Flea Market / Blondie's Pizza / Mrs. Fields Cookies / Lake Merritt, home of my first apartment / Cruising

Find my career in all the hellabaloo. Who knew - I'm good. Why RISK ANALYSIS ? I've been doing it all my life.

Follow p-u-s-s-y & my industry from can't believe we've been busted red-lining & everyone-just-do-a-S&L bailout Cali to Just-got-the-Olympic-bid GA.

w/ a brief...

Hiatus in FL: learn to make cuban cafe', learn to hate tres leche'; learn descent is important: Spain, Latin America, Mexico; learn descent is REALLY important: Haiti, theIslands, Africa

Learn I'm an American in any language

Rediscover Heterosexuality

Marriage # 1 & Saved Pentacostal
Divorced & Decadent

Claim Bisexuality. What a relief - all that serial monogomy was giving me the blues

Polyamory Anyone ?

More Alternative Exploration: Chocflowerchild 2002

Bisexually "out" to husband, extended family, close friends, coworkers that matter (GBLT - LAMDA group member reminding that we must have Employee & "Guest" on our 2005 XMAS Corporate Invites.

Dating Single Men, Single Women & Select Couples. Honesty is the best policy. My mantra's from back in those days: "if you marry me, know that if you are a single male or female, I will be seeking another partner of the opposite sex" and "if you are a couple - know I'd like to marry you both so if you are just spicing up your bedroom and don't want a live-in, keep looking please"

Carving a niche in advance for the perfect TRIAD. It never shows up.

Enter THENDU, DOM. Collared: Exclusive Ring of Players: 24/7.

Some Mainstream & Lo' Behold - Marriage # 2

THENDU's religous underpinings and THENDU become Tommy, hubby. Alternative Life becomes more Mainstream, just Living.

Twins & Mainstream Fate sealed: I've been elevated to a Mother, a Wife, A Princess, A Madonna, A Breadwinner, A Retirement Planner.

Isn't it my job to go whither he goes? I never even wanted children. Too late to bolt.

In the meantime, THENDU lives secretly on in the lives of submissives who get the benefit of HISCRUELTY, HISWILL, HISMASTERY, HISDOMINATION.

By-Proxy-Uncollared & Released; Here Again

"Self Imposed" trainingCollar. No, I have no patience. My need for shelter is urgent. True.

Learning by doing. On the job training. Discovering as I go along. As my Blog description says...Lessons Learned:

Yes, I do understand now & changed "prefer mainstream" to "require mainstream".

THANK YOU: Master & Dom Cream

Here Again II


Why I just may not make it on ALT unless my LOVEDOG turns into a Fairy Godmother

My oh my...have you actually seen some of the ads.

Here are words that turn on my automatic ignore button:

* cum and (insert any word or phrase here "do us", "do it", etc.)
* freak and and actually any derivative of the word (freaky / freaniks / freakin')
* hey sexy
* whassup lady
* slutty bitch
* bi-curious or she will watch
* help us out
* no fatties
* 24/7

Here are the pictures that automatically make me ingore the ads:

* "ask us for a photo" (you have 5 of mine, send it why don't know I need it)
* male or female genitalia (gross, see role play fetish - the more creative the photo - the better)
* crossdressers who are unshaved (when was the last time you saw a women w/ hair sticking out of her garters)
* photo background is challenging (read FICO and D&S Blog - class issues here, it's true - you see how hard I've worked to get outta' the hood - just say "no" to trailer parks, cheap motels, tasteless homes and the ghetto. ps: did you even clean your house today??? - how can I kneel in all that???)

Misc. Items:

* Are yourKINKS even close to myKINKS
* Did you even read any of my Blog ??? (do you really want to go through the drama my firsttempCouple did??). Hit them up & ask first BEFORE you meet me.
* Is your entire profile is "PREFER NOT TO SAY"
* Do you have a 11+ year spread between you and your mates age? If my targeted couple age span is 10 years - do the math.

my-Oh-my-ing-w/out the Zippity Do Dah,


look4limitless 40M/36F

2/18/2006 8:12 am

i am stimulated--and it is my mind that is processing the bulk of the response. your history is fascinating. i would like to share some books with u. yes i feel u are "perfect" for us-yet i would be willing just to share experiences and learn from one-another. i'm sure u could teach us alot. She would love u. We can love u. Communal Advancement anyone?

rm_dandth 49M/39F
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2/20/2006 8:15 pm

That's the real trouble with the world today: No one savors the raspberry sauce along with the cheesecake, the lack of charachter development before the plot unfolds, and way too much my-Oh-my-ing-w/out the Zippity Do Dah.

rm_deedeeandjay 46M/48F
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4/5/2006 6:37 am

I am in awe of what we just read...I am now officially a fan....We're waiting for the book!!! i pride myself on being real and open person...but you have forced me to re-evaluate the meaning of REAL expression..i really hope that you would give us the time to get to know you...if for nothing else but to enjoy the company of a REAL Woman of Distiction...

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