Had a great weekend!  

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4/10/2006 6:47 pm

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Had a great weekend!

Which is to say I got laid. But more than that I got to spend the weekend in the company of a young woman who was so comfortable in her own skin she made me feel the same.

You all know what it's like. You meet someone for the first time, you flirt, you talk, if things go right you may even spend some time necking.
Hey; Casanova I ain't. Skin-on-skin is a little too much for me to hope for on a first date.
But the entire time you're a little self-conscious about it all:
Does she like me?
Am I coming on too strong?
Is my breath OK?
Don't fart unless she does!

Of course at my age that sometimes can't be helped.

Second dates are a little more relaxed. You've obviously passed muster well enough that she'll be seen with you in public again without resorting to a magazine over her face. All in all a good thing. Things are going well, the laughter isn't forced and you're getting to know more about them beyond the physical attraction that brought you together. All too soon the night ends and the gentleman goes home alone to pick apart every little perceived slight. Dejected, he is absolutely positive that the lady in question will never darken his doorway again.

For reasons yet to be determined by modern science however, the lady in question DOES relent to spending more time with our hero much to his delight and amazement. He decides to go for broke and invite her to spend the weekend with him. Again with utter bewilderment she tells him that she'd love to.

It is at this point in my tale that I abandon the third person and write of my experience firsthand this weekend which in a word is "amazing." She and I were relaxed from the first moments we spent together up to the time we bid a longing farewell. She made me feel like I was more than just a potentially good screw (which I am by the way). I was, dare I say it, interesting. My sometimes backwards, awkward ways somehow endeared myself to her. She in turn absolutely amazed me with her frankness and honesty which allowed me to be even more honest with her. Not that I'd been hiding anything, but the door was open a little wider and I had no fear that it would be used against me.

It's not love, but it is like and we were adult enough to realize it and call it what it was. We're neither one wanting or desiring a relationship at this point in our lives but a definite friendship that may well stand the test of time has been forged.

And I couldn't be happier about it.

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