Dining At the Y  

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7/1/2005 2:06 pm

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Dining At the Y

I have a friend (let's call her Yvette) who is dying for me to fuck her. She's 10 years younger than me and we met when she was a temp for me a few years ago. She's a bit on the crass side for my tastes but she's funny and I enjoy the free way we are around each other -- as friends.

As fuck buddies? I'm not so sure. I've fucked women before but I dont consider myself "bi." And no, I dont list myself that way in my profile either. I see it like this: I am a sexual being. I do who and what I please. But I've a strong craving for dick (big, white dicks). I am sexually carnivorous. Pussy is like fish. I fucked women when I felt like it but it always lead to me wanting to get savagely -fucked after.

I am also a power seeker. I get off on power and displays of power, mostly sexual. And with Yvette, I know she will do whatever I want her to do, literally. But that's not enough to make me want to fuck her. I do like the idea of roleplaying sexual degradation but I dont feel a a strong enough attraction to her.

Yvette has attempted to come to Staten Island twice, unannounced (visiting family -- yeah right), with the hopes of just showing up thinking I will cave, pick her up and fuck her -- to date she's been dead wrong. I almost wish I never confided in her that I had had sex with women. She's attractive and she's an amazon at 5'9" tall, she's a cool person, but ultimately, she's got a cunt, not a cock.

We're supposed to hang out and eat (F.O.O.D. -- for all you nasty buggers) in the City tonight with some friends. I know this chick thinks I'm taking her home. I may let her eat me out and promise her I'll get a strap on or something, I'm really horny but I want COCK. Maybe it's my pheremones? Anyway, my interviews are not going very well. Lots of applicants, very few meet qualifications.

*Sigh* The woes of finding the right chemistry. Can a woman really be a substitute? Of course, the answer is a resounding NO because *if* I fuck her -- and that's a big, doubtful *if* -- I'm going to want massive amounts of dick afterward. I mean, I'm a woman who wants to be the star of her own gangbang!!! Having sex with a woman in my horny, cock-starved, flesh loving state will be like having a vegetarian appetizer and no main course of thick, delicious meat to follow. Boring and not fun at all; I cant fuck if I'm not getting something out of it and I rarely give charity fucks. I can see that I would be imagining a big, thick, engorged cock stretching my tight pussy, manly hands on my ass pounding away, my hott cunt slurping up that dick -- yet in the meanwhile, she's down there flicking her tongue on my clit and using her fingers as substitutes. Blech.

That would be maddening. Maybe I'll pawn her off on a male friend of mine.

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