With Sweat streaming off me..  

rm_Chainman7 47M
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6/4/2006 6:42 am
With Sweat streaming off me..

So this morning I had this bright idea to clear one of my rooms out of the junk so I can strip the wall paper off, sort of carrying on what I started yesterday. Well I manage to clear about 30% before I start to find myself streaming with sweat! My T-Shirt is sticking to me and I feel a little uncomfortable.

I hear that some women really like the look of a sweaty bloke with it streaming down his face, back etc.. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to look at someone with sweat streaming off them though? I suppose it helps if your not over weight and have a body most men dream of.. Me with my small tyre strapped around my waist can't really see the attraction

Well I suppose I should move the rest of the junk.. If it wasn't so heavy and expensive I'd throw it out the back window. Hey there's an idea .. hehe

No best not as broken electrical items are a bugger to get out of the lawn.

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