Wild Weekend!  

rm_Chainman7 47M
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6/26/2006 2:04 am
Wild Weekend!

What a weekend!

A number of firsts for me and my Wife and last night was another shocker.

Late last night I was given a tape by my wife.. Seems she has been having sex with other people for months! On the tape it showed her having sex with Sue a number of times at first I was thinking the camera was on a stand but it became apparent that Chris was doing nearly all the camera work. I saying nearly because towards the end Sue was as Chris was banging my Wife!

I'm not so sure I really like this now.. I mean I could deal with *us* doing these things together but now I'm wondering how many other men my wife has been fucking. All the while I have been gagging for it.

Sue & Chris are due to come round again tonight and my wife wants to be videoed having sex with them both.. I'm starting to think perhaps my relationship is doomed.. I can handle group sex but it seems the only reason it has occured of late is because my wife wants to be videoed while being fucked by both Sue and Chris..

Thinking about it I actually didn't fuck her that much the last two times we have had sexual encounters with her demanding she watch me and someone else.. Was it really me she was watching though?

Hmmmm... For the moment I shall enjoy it as best I can but I have a feeling it's not going to get any better.

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