Ok.. Maybe I'm not that good then?  

rm_Chainman7 47M
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6/23/2006 4:49 am
Ok.. Maybe I'm not that good then?

So ok since my last post I arranged for someone to pop over and have some fun. I was nervous as hell but with prompting from the wife and the other woman (lets call her Sue) I started some foreplay while my wife looked on. After about 30 minutes I broke out some dildo's, only small ones to start with mind, and started working them into Sue.

After about 20 minutes I got the big one from the bag under the bed and slowly inserted into her.. I turned it on and just held it gently inside her as it rotated around and the ears rubbed her clit.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye my wife was sitting in a chair with one leg propped on the arm while she mastatbated herself, something I had never seen before! Anyway after 10 minutes Sue suggested I "Fuck her before she went crazy" and I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt.. Pushing slowly.. Once I was in all the way I pulled out again slowly and noticed my wife was now fucking herself with a Dildo from off the side.

I was starting to lose it now the thought of my wife getting off while watching me fuck her friend Sue was something I had never ever thought would happen.. So I started slowly pumping into Sue while my Wife moaned from the otherside of the room.

I couldn't handle it anymore and ended up pulling out and coming all over Sue's tit's just as my wife groaned and started shaking on the chair!

Then I was left to lay down while Sue and my Wife played with each other for over an hour while I just watched stunned. At this point I thought that perhaps my Wife was Gay but what she said afterwards threw me for 5!

She asked me to get a friend round to fuck her while I watch! Not only that she wanted to see us fuck too, the friend and me! Now I'm not Gay and the thought of it doesn't appeal at all.. But what do I do now she clearly enjoyed the Gay expiernece she had with Sue and well I'm lost as to what to do..

One thing is for sure when Sue comes over this weekend for drinks I'm going to have a raging hardon all night!

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